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Nov 30, 2008
PSC Awards Banquet 2010
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September 18, 2010
Recreation Complex Annual Open House.



Updated May 11, 2010

Awards Banquet a Ball

If you missed the big event, you can live vicariously by viewing the pictures taken by our Social Director Rick D'Sousa. Click HERE to see them

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Updated April 25, 2010

Doubles Club Championship Finals

On Monday April 26th, the finals of the Doubles Club Championships will be played starting at 6:00 PM.

Come on out and cheer on your favourites. There is sure to be some great doubles squash played.

See you at the courts.


Updated April 16, 2010

Freedom 55 Doubles

Freedom 55 group 2010
Pictured from left to right back row:Randy Falinski, Tom Hamblin, Ken Morden, Joe Micek, Terry Bruce. Front Row: Mike Garvey, Cecilia Brownsell, Heather Swartz, Joan Hill, Louie Milanoski. Missing David Joseph, Norm Mole, Rod Ryde, John Orton, Joe Brown, Yvonne Rohlehr, James O'hara, Ian Parsons.

Each Friday morning you can catch a stalwart group of doubles players on our courts from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

If you find yourself free on a Friday morning, why not join in the fun. They play round robin. All levels of ability are welcome. Don't worry, we don't mind if you are under 55.


Updated April 13, 2010

Doubles House League Finals Results

In the Intermediate Class, Debbie and Dave Burton pulled off a win over the veteran Doubles players Ken Morden and Tom Hamblin.

DBLS HL Finals 2010

In the Advanced Class, Greg Sweeney and John Whyte were the victors over Julie Hisey and Mike Tanner.

Dbls Adv HL 2010


Updated April 11, 2010

Pickering Victorious in OSDL Championship

Pickering came through with a solid win against Toronto Racquet Club (TRC) to take the Division 4 Championship title for 2010. Playing for Pickering were Scott Andrews, Rick D'Souza, Fred Dizig, Steve Dizig, Dom Salvagna and Sam Vadera.

Thank you from the team for the great support that was received at the Cricket Club on Saturday.


Updated April 9, 2010

PIC2 defeats PIC1 in the OSDL Semi Finals

PIC2 2010 Team
PIC2 - Terry Bruce, Jey Ratnasingam, Steve Dizig, Bruce Foster, Dom Salvagna, Freg Dizig,
Rick D'Souza, Sam Vadera, Sctt Andrews, Raj Vadera. Missing Ken Smith, Colin MacKenzie

PIC1 Team 2010
PIC1 - Kevin Cahill, Brian Spragg, Greg Sweeney, Steve McInnis, Eric Dunn, Wayne Pye
John Whyte, Ian Parsons. Missing - Scott Gormley, Sean Aitken, Trevor Charboneau


Updated April 5, 2010

The Men's Doubles Teams (both PIC1 and PIC2) pulled off wins against Toronto Cricket Club (CRI6 and CRI5) on Thursday April 1st.

Our two teams meet each other in the semi finals on Thursday April 8th at 6:30 PM. Come on out and cheer on your favorites.

The only thing for certain is that Pickering will be in the Finals on April 10th. But which team will it be?


Updated April 2, 2010

Doubles Club Championship Date Change

The date of our Doubles Club Championships has been changed to the week of April 19th-24th (the week following the singles tournament).  Our women's "C" team has made it to the finals on Wednesday night and both of our men's doubles teams have made it to the semi-finals on Thursday night (at home).  With Monday being a holiday, there just wasn't enough nights to get all the matches in without scheduling extremely early and late matches. 

If this week no longer works for anyone please let me know and I will take you off the list. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you on the courts!



Updated March 31, 2010

Doubles House League

The Doubles House League concluded on Monday. Click Here to see the results.

In the Intermediate division, Tom Hamblin and Ken Morden ended up on top with an average of 2.63. Debbie and Dave Burton came in second with an average of 2.25.

Debbie and Dave will take on Ken and Tom in the House League Championship on April 12th at 6:45 PM.

In the Advanced division, Julie Hisey and Mike Tanner topped the league with a 2.44 average while John Whyte and Greg Sweeney came in second with an average of 2.25.

John and Greg will try to even things out against Julie and Mike in the House League Championship on April 12th at 6:45 PM.


Updated March 29, 2010

Dates to Remember

April 1st - Doubles Quarter Finals Pickering 1 and 2 vs Toronto Cricket Club 5 and 6

April 6th - 10th - Doubles Club Championships

August 7th - T&D Women's finals at Mayfair Lakeshore. Our Women's "C" team play against Glendon College.

April 12th - 17th - Singles Club Championships

April 12th - Doubles House League Finals

May 8th - Annual Banquet and Awards Night


Updated March 29, 2010

A bunch of the boys went golfing in the sunny south and wanted us to share in their trip via some pictures. Click HERE to have a look.

Golf Trip


Updated March 26, 2010

Doubles Teams to Qtr Finals

Both Men's Doubles teams have made it to the Quarter Finals in their respective divisions. Both will be playing at home against teams from Toronto Cricket Club on;

Thursday April 1st - 6:30 PM.

All are invited to come out and cheer on our teams to victory.

There will be an after game get together at Island Mix. If you would like to join the teams after the matches, please let Terry Bruce or Greg Sweeney know in advance.


Updated March 23, 2010

Well it looks like the Seals will be playing the Hippos in the finals of the winter house league this coming Sunday (28th) starting at 12:00 sharp.  Click Here to see the final results.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday at 12:00 noon!


Mark your calendar for May 8th. The Annual Squash Club Banquet and Awards night will be the event not to be missed. Watch for e-mails and posters going up shortly.

The Doubles House League Results have been updated. Only one more week of regular play and then the finals will be on April 12th 6:45 PM.


Updated March 14, 2010

The Hippos and the Seals are neck and neck but the Lions and Tigers are still in striking distance. Check out the Singles House League results updated to March 7th


Updated March 10, 2010

The Doubles House League results have been updated.


Updated March 4, 2010

The Singles and Doubles House Leagues results have been updated.

Mark your calendars for the Club Championships in mid April and the Annual Banquet the end of April. Final dates will be anounced soon.


Updated February 25, 2010

Doubles House League Standings have been updated to Feb 23rd



Updated February 11, 2010

Singles and Doubles House Leagues Updated from Feb 7 & 8th

Lee Hanebury Tournament Draw Sheets are now posted to the website Click HERE to see them. Also available under Events Menu.


Updated February 1, 2010

Lee Hanebury
Memorial Tournament

January 29th - 31st 2010

Was a resounding Success

Click HERE
To see the results and pictures of the event.



Updated January 29. 2010

Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament Starts Today!

Follow the progress of the tournament daily by clicking HERE!



Updated January 28, 2010

The House Leagues Results have been updated for January 24th (Singles) and January 25th (Doubles)

Go to the Activites Menu at the top of the page to see the results.



Updated January 20, 2010

The House League Results for January 17th (singles) and January 18th (doubles) have now been posted.

Go to the Activites Menu at the top of the page.



Updated January 13, 2009

Singles House League

The Singles House League Teams and Schedule have been posted. Please click on:

Activites / Singles / House League

in the menu line at top of page.



Updated January 5, 2010

Do you want to play Doubles Squash but can't organize 3 others to play with?

Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 is Doubles Round Robin. Play a game or two then switch with someone who is waiting.

All are welcome.

Sign up for the Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament. Click for Info. Sign up sheets are back off Court 4



Updated January 4, 2010

Welcome to 2010

The Doubles House League Schedule has been posted. Click on the menu selection ACTIVITIES / DOUBLES / HOUSE LEAGUE



Updated December 30, 2009

Happy New Year to all of the Pickering Squash Club Membership

The Club Executive wishes you a prosperous and athletic 2010.


Updated December 20, 2009

Mike Carries the Olympic Torch

Long time member Mike Garvey had the honour of carrying the Olympic Torch during its trail through Durham this week.

Mike Garvey Carries Tourch

Mike Garvey Proud Canadian


Updated December 16, 2009

Doubles House League Intermediate Finals Results

Conratulations to Bruce and Pat Foster (aided by Scott Andrews who subbed in for Pat in the semi's and finals). They took the final in 3 games straight over Debbie and Dave Burton.

In the 3rd/4th Final, Vince Ditta and Gary Anderson (aided by Preston D'Silva in the semi's and Savio Dias in the finals) bested Viru Parmer and Greg Ingram in a hard fought 4-1 win.

The final standings in Intermediate are

1st Pat and Bruce Foster (with Scott Andrews)
2nd Debbie and Dave Burton
3rd Vince Ditta and Gary Anderson (with Preston D'Silva and Savio Dias)
4th Viru Parmer and Greg Ingram

The Final Standings in Advanced are:

1st Wayne Pye and Ian Parsons
2nd Sameer Vadera and Fred Dizig
3rd Yvonne Whyte and Steve McInnis
4th Trevor Charbonneau and Darrel Babcock (with Scott Gormley)


Updated December 8, 2009

Doubles House League Advanced Finals Results.

Congratulations to Wayne Pye and Ian Parsons for their win over Sameer Vadera and Fred Dizig (subbing for Raj Vadera) 11-15 15-11 15-8 15-8.

In the Consolation Final (3rd-4th) Yvonne Whyte and Steve McInnis beat Trevor Charbonneau and Scott Gormley (subbing for Darrell Babcock 15-7 15-8 15-7.

Doubles House League Intermediate Semi Finals

Bruce Foster and Scott Andrews (subbing for Pat Foster) beat Viru Parmer and Greg Ingram 15-7 15-8 15-4.

Debbie and Dave Burton beat Vince Ditta and Preston D'Silva (subbing for Gary Anderson) 15-7 15-8 15-13.

The Fosters and the Burtons advance to the Finals 7:00 PM on Dec 14th. Parmer/Ingram and Ditta/Anderson will play the Consolation Finals at 7:00 PM on Dec 14th.

Come on out and see some fine Doubles Squash to end or season.

For the complete results Click Here for Doubles House League.


Updated December 2, 2009

Doubles House League moves into Playoffs Dec 7th and 14th

The doubles house league Intermediate Semi Finals start 6:00 PM on Dec 7th. The Intermediate Finals are 7:00 PM Dec 14th.

The Doubles House League Advanced Finals start 9:00 PM on Dec. 7th.

Click HERE to see the Playoff Schedule.
NOTE: There have been times changes so please check the schedule.


Updated November 23, 2009

Congratulations to Nicole Pirko for running a very successful Ontario Doubles Squash Championships Tournament over the weekend. In her closing talk, Nicole recognized the contributions of Tony Swift, tournament Chief Referee and his team of refs, Jey Ratnasingam and Rick D'Sousa for running the bar and Greg Sweeney as her right hand man for the weekend. She also thanked the many PSC members who helped throughout the weekend,

Reports by all who participated were that it was a top notch event at a fabulous venue. We can be proud of our club and it's facilities.

All who were there were looking forward to our next event, the Lee Hanabury Tournament in January.


Updated November 17, 2009

Doubles House League has Exciting Result

1st - Wayne Pye / Ian Parsons
2nd - Steve McInnis / Yvonne Whyte
3rd - Raj Vadera / Sameer Vadera
4th - Who knows?????

The Advanced League played their last regular games last night. It was planned that on November 23rd they would move to the Semi Final Round.

In an exciting result, 4 teams have tied for the forth place position. As a result, on Nov 23rd, a special Playoff Round For 4th Place will take place. The Advanced Semi Finals will be pushed to Nov 30th and the Advanced Finals to Dec 7th

These changed have affected the schedules for the Intermediate League as well. Please go to the Doubles League Page for the latest schedules.



Updated November 12, 2009

Ontario Doubles Men's B C and
Women's B Championships

Will be held at the New Pickering Doubles Courts on November 20th to 22nd, 2009

Click HERE to get information. Sign up and have a fun weekend playing Doubles Squash.


Updated October 27, 2009

Fall Doubles Classic a Blast!!!

Superman and Superboy
Superboy and Superman.
Steve and Fred Dizig were travelling so fast that we couldn't get a clear picture of them. In one of the most exciting matches of the tournament, SM&SB finished 3rd winning 15-14 in the fifth over Nicole Pirko and Scott Andrews.

What a great tournament we had on the weekend. Congratulations to Nicole for her work in making our first doubles tournament a resounding success.

Advanced Draw

Winners - Eric Dunn and Brian Spragg
Finalists - Greg Sweeney and Steve MacInnis
3rd place - Steve and Fred Dizig
4th place - Nicole Pirko and Scott Andrews
Cons. Winners - Raj and Sameer Vadera
Cons. Finalists - Kevin Cahill and Darell Babcock

Intermediate Draw

Winners - Pat and Bruce Foster
Finalists - Greg Ingram and Savio Dias
3rd Place - Heather Swartz & Preston D'Silva
4th Place - Danish Zahid and S. Kalid
Cons. Winners - Debbie and Dave Burton
Cons. Finalists - Christine Long and James O'Hara



Updated October 20, 2009

The Fall Classic Doubles Tournament

This Saturday and Sunday marks the first tournament to be held on our Doubles Courts. It is a tournament for Pickering Squash Club Members only. Come on out and enjoy some great doubles squash on our new courts. Action starts at 9:00 AM and continues throughout the day.

Click HERE for your Start Times.


Updated October 13, 2009

The Calendars for October, November and December are now up to date. All interclub HOME games are listed. See Events / Calendar

All Interclub schedules can be found under Activities / InterClub Teams.


Updated October 8, 2009

The Voting is Complete!

We are pleased to announce the

The Executive for 2009-2010
Scott Gormley
Vice President
Terry Bruce
Mike Guimond
Director Junior Play
Greg Sweeney
Director or Ladies Play
Yvonne Whyte
Director of Men's Play
Fred Dizig
Director Public Relations
Colin Mackenzie
Director at Large
Ian Parsons
Social Directors
Rick D'Sousa
Jey Ratnasingam
Technicial Advisor
Nicole Pirko
Town Representative
Bram Wittenberg


Updated October 5, 2009

PSC Fall Classic Doubles Championship Tournament

Saturday Oct. 24th and Sunday Oct. 25th

The tournament is free for all Pickering Squash Club members.  I have posted the sign up on the board across from court 4.  You must sign up with a partner. The sign up deadline is Fri. Oct. 16th.



Updated September 28, 2009

Interclub Doubles Schedules

The new Men's Interclub Doubles schedules have been posted. (Click on Activies / Interclub Teams)

Doubles House League Schedule

The Doubles House League Schdule has been posted. (Click Activities / Doubles / House League)


Updated September 27, 2009

The Fall Singles House League Schedule

The fall schedule for Singles House League has been posted (Click on ACTIVITIES / SINGLES / HOUSE LEAGUE ).


Updated September 21, 2009

Tonight, Monday Sept 21st
6:45 PM in the new Doubles Courts

Doubles Squash Demonsration and Annual General Meeting of the Pickering Squash Club.

Come out and enjoy some doubles squash and support your club executive. Find out about the great new events happening in squash this year.


Updated September 20, 2009

Court is now in session!!!

The Pickering Squash Club Doubles Courts were officially opened on Saturday September 19, 2009. The first official hits of the ball were taken by Ian Parsons, President of the club and Nicole Pirko, Squash Pro for the Recreation Complex.

Ian and Nicole

The first game was played by four professional doubles squash players, Jamie Bentley, Dean Brown, Taylor Fawcett and Paul Deratney.

Big Game
Fred Reid, Referee; Paul Deratney; Taylor Fawcett;
Jamie Bentley, Dean Brown; Nicole Pirko, Club Pro


Updated September 15, 2009

A letter from the President Ian Parsons

Dear Squash Members:

Exciting times are upon us. After years of fund raising and working with our partners the City of Pickering, we will be opening the new doubles court squash facility this weekend, September 19th at 10:30 AM...

Come on out to see what all the excitement is about. The opening ceremonies begin.....
Click Here to read the rest of the letter.


Updated September 14, 2009

The courts are coming along and the word is that they will be ready for the Grand Opening on September 19th. To the left, you will see a picture of how they look today. The walls are up,floors are going in, the back walls are waiting to be installed. Looks like we will have doubles courts real soon now.


Updated August 31, 2009

Time to Renew Your Membership

The 2009-2010 season is here and it is time to renew for the new season. With the opening of the new doubles courts there are more activities than every for Pickering Squash Club members. You can't participate unless you are a paid up member.

Click HERE for your application

Remember "No Pay, No Play"!


Updated August 26, 2009

Just Announced:

Doubles House League
will be on Monday Evenings

Nicole Pirko, the club Professional, and the Executve of the Squash Club have listened to the concerns of the membership and moved the Doubles House League to Monday evenings starting September 28th.

Concerns regarding playing both singles and doubles on the same day and the fact that Sunday is often considered a family day were some of the factors in the decision.

If you wish to play on a house league, singles on Sundays or doubles on Mondays, please sign up on the sheets behind court 4 as soon as possibe. As well, add the Friday September 25 Rules Clinic to your DayTimer. It is manditory for all doubles players.


Updated August 24, 2009

Just Announced:

Friday September 25th 7:00 PM

There will be a Doubles Rules Clinic conducted by renowned Doubles Referree and Player, Tony Swift.

This event is manditory for any player who wishes to play Doubles Squash either interclub or house league at Pickering.


Updated August 10, 2009

Get out your PDA or your Day Timer. Your Fall and Winter Squash Schedule is already being filled. Have a look at the "EVENTS" sidebar to the left.

It's going to be a great season Starting with the Grand Opening of the Doubles Squash Courts on Saturday, September 19th.


Updated July 10, 2008

Sign-up Sheets for Fall T&D

The sign-up Sheets for the Fall T&D teams have been posted on the bulletin boards in the hall outside the courts. Get your name on a team now and start warming up for the new season. Round robins will start early in September.

Note that there are sign-ups for the NEW Doubles Squash Inter club teams as well. Be among the first to represent our club in the Toronto Doubles League.

Doubles Courts progress

The doubles courts are progressing nicely and it is expected that they will be playable by the end of August. The official opening of the courts will happen at the open house on September 19th. Put it on your calendar and plan to be there.


Updated June 28, 2009

Carrying a Torch For Pickering

Long time member of the PSC, Mike Garvey, will have the honour of carrying the Olympic Torch as it passes through Durham on it's way to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Story at:


Mike Garvey Torch Bearer

From Pickering to the Vancouver Olympics
Jason Liebregts / Metroland

PICKERING -- Olympian Fatih Stanley, left, met June 23 with 2010 Olympic torch bearer, Mike Garvey, who is an active volunteer in the community. June 23, 2009





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