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April 2, 2013

End of Season Fun Tournament
Friday and Saturday May 10th-11th

Here are the start times for the tournament:

Start Times
Adam Cresswell Friday 8:00 PM
Alisa Wulff Friday 6:00 PM
Alison LeBer Friday 9:00 PM
Bill Ulman Friday 8:00 PM
Brian Spragg Friday 9:00 PM
Bruce Foster Friday 7:00 PM
Chris Brown Friday 8:00 PM
Darrell Babcock Friday 7:00 PM
Fred Dizig Friday 6:00 PM
Greg Sweeney Friday 6:00 PM
Heather Swartz Friday 7:00 PM
Ian Parsons Friday 7:00 PM
Jey Ratnasingham Friday 9:00 PM
Joan Hill Friday 6:00 PM
John Whyte Friday 9:00 PM
JP Lambert Friday 9:00 PM
Kevin Klinger Friday 8:00 PM
Mark Rohlehr Friday 7:00 PM
Martin Bubenko Friday 7:00 PM
Nicole Pirko Friday 8:00 PM
Pat Foster Friday 7:00 PM
Raj Vadera Friday 8:00 PM
Rick D'Souza Friday 8:00 PM
Ryan Singh Friday 9:00 PM
Sameer Vadera Friday 6:00 PM
Steve Flude Friday 9:00 PM
Sue Bettencourt Friday 6:00 PM
Susan Bruce Friday 6:00 PM
Terry Bruce Friday 9:00 PM
Vanessa Steinwall Friday 8:00 PM
Viru Parmar Friday 6:00 PM
Yvonne Whyte Friday 7:00 PM

If you are not playing then come on out and cheer on your favourites. Then you can join the fun after the tournament on Saturday at The Courtyard Restaurant

NOTE: The Draw will be posted here on Friday.


Banquet Coming up.  

Banquet May 4 2013

2013 Banquet - May 4, 2013
Ajax Convention Centre
$45 Per Person
For Tickets contact Pat Foster, Kevin Cahill
or a member of the Executive.
Don't wait. This event sells out every year,


April 2, 2013  

Tuesday Doubles House League
Finals Results

Congratulations to Fred Dizig and Eric Dunn for winning the Tuesday Doubles House League Finals last evening. The match was hotly contested and each game was close in the 3 - 1 win.

Monday Doubles House League
Semi Finals Tonight

Come out and cheer for your favourites starting at
7:00 PM this evening.

Martin Bubenko and Terry Bruce (Sub for Erick) take on
Mike Rochmont and Mike Guimond (Sub for Jey)

Then at 8:00 Dan Samoyloff and Mark Rohlehr take on
Joe Micek and Louie Milanoski

March 21, 2013  

Tuesday Doubles House League
Semi-Final Results

On Tuesday, the 2nd/3rd match saw Fred Dizig and Eric Dunn win 3-1 over Yvonne Whyte and Steve MacInnis.

On Wednesday in the 1st/4th match we saw an upset when John Whyte and Kevin Cahill defeated Brian Valin and Dom Salvagna in a hard fought 3-2 win.  This is the first loss this season for Brian and Dom.

On an added note,  John and Kevin's win on Wednesday catapults them to top position in the Doubles Pyramid.  Congratulations Guys.

Since some of the participants will be golfing down south next week, we will hold the finals match on Tuesday April 2nd at 7:00 PM.  Featuring Fred Dizig and Eric Dunn vs John Whyte and Kevin Cahill.  Come on out and cheer on your favourites.

Terry Bruce
Doubles Coordinator


March 17, 2013  

Doubles House League
And Doubles Pyramid
Have Been Updated

Note: Tuesday Semi-Finals This week.

6:00 PM Eric and Fred VS Yvonne and Steve
7:00 PM Brian and Dom VS Kevin and John

Next week Tuesday Finals


February 13, 2013  

Doubles House League
And Doubles Pyramid
Have Been Updated

Special Note:

Next weeks Monday House League has been moved to Wednesday due to the Recreation Complex closing
at 5:00 PM on Monday for Family Day.


February 4, 2013  

Lee Hanebury Tournament

Congratulations to all the participants in the Lee Hanebury Tournament this past weekend. The concensus is that it was a resounding success and the best tournament we have had.

Division Winner Finalist
Women's A Singles Chrissie Mackintosh Vanessa Steinwall
Women's B Singles Paula Kuzic Rachel Copas
Women's C Singles Jocelyn McPhail Selena Fox
Women's D Singles Tracey Roynolds  Nancy Demers
Women's E Singles Caryn Kong Lynda Kremer
Division Winner Finalist
Men's A Singles Adam Engel Brad Hanebury
Men's B Singles Alex Seto Alex Orr
Men's C Singles  Irek Krupka Trevor Carbonneau
Men's D Singles Alvero Baca Brendon Fox
Men's E Singles Adam Bradley Chris McFadden
Division Winner Finalist
Women's B Doubles Kristeen Burton &  Yvonne Whyte &
Jann Taylor Tammie Sangster
Women's  Doubles
Paula Kuzic & Sandy Cameron &
Teresa Ashworth  Carol McCullough
Women's Doubles 
Joan Hill & Anita Kennedy &
Viru Parmar Tina Margaris-Olenjek
Division Winner Finalist
Men's B Doubles Mike Tanner & Wayne Pye &
Steve Dizig Josh Ginou
Men's B Doubles 3/4 Jeff Anderson & Steve McInnis &
John Whyte Eric Dunn
Men's B Double s
Brian Valin & Shane Sonkee &
Wayne Weatherhead Kumar Erramilli
Men's C Doubles Steve Flude & Nick Joyce &
Graham Moulding Conrad Rosario


January 23, 2013  

Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament Feb 1st to 3rd

Hi Everyone!
The Pickering Squash Club welcomes you to the 18th annual Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament!  You will find your starting time attached.  I look forward to seeing everyone on the weekend!
Scheduled Events:
Friday:        Squash Matches 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday:    Squash Matches   9:00am - 7:45pm
Breakfast    8:30am - 10:30am
Lunch       12:30pm - 3:30pm
Meals are served on the main floor in the east Salon room
*All winners must referee the next match.
**shirt sizes are limited- So get there early if you want your choice of size.
Saturday Night Doubles Calcutta and Pub Night!
The doubles "Calcutta" tournament will start at approx. 7:00pm Saturday evening.  The Calcutta will be taking place on our doubles courts!  Eight teams with two players each will compete in a doubles tournament.  Teams will be made as fair as possible to avoid any obvious winners. 
Sunday:      Squash Matches 9:00am - 2:00pm
Presentation and Awards         2:00pm approx.
(Yes I remembered it is Super Bowl Sunday, promise to get you out on time!)



January 23, 2013  

Lee Hanebury Memorial Squash Tournament Feb 1st to 3rd

Click HERE for the Flyer

Sign Up is now closed.

Come out and enjoy some great Squash this Weekend. Games start 6:00 PM on Friday. Finals are Sunday afternoon.

Doubles House League and Challenge Pyramid Up to date
as of Jan 30th

January 16, 2013  

Winter Doubles House League
and Challenge Pyramid
Updated as of Jan 16th

The Doubles House League Results and the Challenge Pyramid have been updated to reflect the matches played since January 7th.

Join in the Pyramid fun. Challenge up.


January 10, 2013  

Winter House Leagues

The Winter House League Schedules have been posted to the web. Please click on the appropriated menu item above to access either the Singles House League or the Doubles House League.

As well, there is a new Doubles Challenge Pyramid in operation. Join the doubles revelution. Get a partner and challenge onto the Doubles Pyramid. Click the menu item above to get started.


January 4, 2013  

 Winter House Leagues

Both Singles and Doubles House Leagues will be starting the week of January 14th. For information see Nicole in the Pro Shop

December 17, 2012
Rally Header

Fred and Steve win National Doubles Parent / Child Tournament

MayFair Parkway

Congratulations to Fred and Steve Dizig for bringing home the hardware in the National Parent/Child Doubles Tournament this weekend at Mayfair Parkway. Fred and Steve beat out Will Mariani and Madison Deratney for the right to bring the trophy home to Pickering. Will was substituting for Chris Deratney who was unable to play the final with his daughter Madison.

Steve and Fred Dizig

The Dizigs will have the trophy at the club on Tuesday evening if you would like to drop by and congratulate them in person.


December 13, 2012
Rally Header

Doubles House League Finals

This week saw the finals of the Fall Doubles House Leagues Played on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

In the Monday Night Leagues the winners of the bottom division were Tom Hamblin and Ken Morden and the finalists were Dawn Kristensen and Wanda Power
(or as Tom calls them Dawn-a-Wanda)

Monday Bottom Division

In the Monday Top Division The winners were David Anandappa and Phil Navaratne. The finalists were Dan Samyoloff and Mark Rohlehr.

Dbls House League top winners

In the Tuesday Doubles League the winners were Brian Valin and Dom Salvagna and the finalists were Nicole Pirko, Wayne Pye and Greg Sweeney. Nicole and Wayne played in the finals.

Tuesday Dbls Finals Fall 2012

Congratulations to all participants on a great season and we all look forward to more great Winter House League Doubles starting January 14th/15th 2013

December 4, 2012
Rally Header

OSDL City Championships

Congratulations to Rick D'Souza and Greg Sweeney for capturing the Division 5 OSDL City Championships title this weekend.
As well, Congratuiations to Eric Dunn and Steve Dizig who were the Division 3 Finalists in a hard fought match that went to 15/13 in the fifth.

Monday Doubles House League

Congratulations to Semi-Final winners last evening in the Monday Doubles House League. In the upper division, Mark Rohlehr and Dan Samoyloff beat our Martin Bubenko and Terry Bruce to more to the finals.

In the 1 vs 4 game Phil Mavaratne and David Annadappa beat Heather Swartz and Viru Parmar (subbing for Alisa Wulff) in a hard fought match that went to 15/6 in the fifth.

In the lower division, Tom Hamblin and Ken Morden took Louie Mimanoski and Joe Micek in another hard fought five game match.

In the 1 vs 4 game Dawn Kristensen and Wanda Power will be moving to the finals do to an unfortunate need to default by Jey Ratnasingam and Mike Rochmont.

Finals Monday December 10th

7:00 PM Crt 1 for 3rd and 4th Top Div
Heather Swartz & Alisa Wulff VS Martin Bubenko and Terry Bruce

7:00 PM Crt 2 for 3rd and 4th Bottom Div
Louie Milanoski & Joe Micek VS Jey Ratnasingam & Mike Rochmont

8:00 PM Crt 1 for 1st and 2nd Top Div
David Anadappa and Phil Navaratne VS
Mark Rohlehr and Dan Samoyloff

8:00 PM Crt 2 for 1st and 2nd Bottom Div
Dawn Kristensen and Wanda Power VS
Tom Hamblin and Ken Morden


November 28, 2012

Pickering Squash Club News

Doubles House League (Tuesday)


Tuesday night saw the third place take command of the match and squeak out a win over the second place team.  Nicole Pirko and Greg Sweeney  of the Pirko/Seeney/Pye team bested Eric Dunn and Fred Dizig 3 to 1 in a hard fought match.


In the second match of the evening,  after losing the first game, Brian Valin and Dom Salvagna  came back to win 3 to 1 over Ian Parsons and Sean Aiken.


The Finals will be played next Tuesday (Dec 11th) as follows:


Crt 1 7:00 PM - 
 Dunn / Dizig  VS Parsons / Aiken 


Crt 1 8:00 PM -  
Valin / Salvagna  VS   Pirko / Sweeney / Pye


Court 2 will be available for the other 5 teams to play on if they wish.       



November 27, 2012

Doubles Monday House League

Pickering Squash Club News

Doubles House League (Monday)
Final Regular Season Play


Monday night saw the final games of the regular Fall season of the Monday Night Doubles House League.   Next Monday (Dec 3rd ) will be the Semi-finals followed by the Finals on Monday Dec 10th.


In the Top Draw going into the evening Viru Parmar and Joan Hill held the fourth position over Heather Swartz and Alisa Wulff.  Both held 20 points but Viru and Joan held the higher position due to head to head combat. With both teams playing higher ranked teams on Monday night, a change of position resulted when Viru and Joan only won 1 of their games against David Anandappa and Phil Navaratne while Heather and Alisa won two of their games against Martin Bubenko and Terry Bruce.  Thus Heather and Alisa moved up to fourth place and a berth in the semi-finals.


David Anandappa and Phil Navaratne held their commanding position and ended the season in first place in the Top Draw.


In the Bottom Draw, the ranking remained the same as last week with Jey Ratnasingam and Mike Rochmont ending the season in first place.    


The Semi-finals will be played next Monday Dec 3rd as follows:


Court 1:

7:00 PM  Dan Samyoloff and Mark Rohlehr

                  VS Martin Bubenko and Terry Bruce

8:00 PM David Anandappa and Phil Navaratne

                  VS Heather Swartz and Alisa Wulff


Court 2:

7:00 PM Tom Hamblin and Ken Morden

                  VS Louie Milanoski and Joe Micek

8:00 PM Jey Ratnasingam & Mike Rochmont

                 VS Dawn Kristensen & Wanda Power



November 26, 2012
Doubles Tuesday Night Semi Finals
November 21, 2012

Doubles House League Scores Up to date.

PDF Version HERE

November 21, 2012

Nov 21st Rally

Pickering Squash Club News

Doubles House League (Tuesday)
Final regular games end in dramatic fashion.


Going into Tuesday evening’s matches it was a forgone conclusion that the teams of Brian Valin / Dom Salvagna and Eric Dunn / Fred Dizig would end in the top two spots.  Being tied at 20 and Dunn/Dizig with a bye, Valin/Salvagna just needed to win one point to clinch first place.  With Fred Dizig substituting for Brian Valin, they ended the season with a 3-0 win over Pat and Bruce Foster to give them 23 points and first place.


The third and fourth positions were far more dramatic and came down to the results of the last match.  Going in, Darrell Babcock and Rick D’Souza were in third place with 17 points, Wayne Pye, Nicole Pirko and Greg Sweeney were in fourth with 16 points, and Ian Parsons and Sean Aiken were in fifth position with 14 points.  Yvonne Whyte and Steve MacInnis beat Pye and Sweeney 3-2 but that two points got the Pye/Pirko/Sweeney team into playoff position with 18 points. 


The final match between teams D’Souza/Babcock and Parsons/Aiken were the deciding factor.  With Eric Dunn substituting for Darrell Babcock, the D’Souza/Babcock team needed to win at least 1 game to stave off  Parsons and Aiken. Parsons/Aiken came through with a 3-0 win to give them the tie at 17 points with D’Souza/Babcock.  Since they were now tied, the decision goes to the winner of the match between the two teams.  Parsons/Aiken end in fourth place and D’Souza/Babcock in a close fifth but out of the playoffs.


The Semi-Finals will be played next Tuesday (Nov 27th) as follows:


Crt 1 7:00 PM - 
 Dunn / Dizig  VS  Pye / Pirko / Sweeney


Crt 1 8:00 PM -  
Valin / Salvagna  VS Parsons / Aiken 


Court 2 will be available for the other 5 teams to play on if they wish.       



November 15, 2012

Doubles House League Scores Up to date.

PDF Version HERE

November 1, 2012


If you haven't paid your 2012-2013 Membership Fees then you will not be able to continue participating in club activities such as house league.

Click HERE to download the membership form, fill it out and along with a cheque made out to The Pickering Squash Club, drop it off to Nicole at the Pro Shop.

Doubles House League Scores Up to date.

PDF Version HERE

October 11, 2012

Harvest Hit Tournament Draws Available HERE

Men's B Draw

Men's C Draw

Women's B Draw

Women's C Draw

Mixed Draw


October 11, 2012

Doubles House League Scores Up to date.

PDF Version HERE


October 3, 2012

Harvest Hit Torunament
Friday Oct 12th to Sunday Oct 14th

CLICK HERE to view the Harvest Hit Poster

The dedline for registering for the Harvest Hit Tournament is quickly approaching. Registration closes on October 5th

Register on-line at SQUASHONTARIO.COM


September 26, 2012

Doubles House League in Full Swing

The 2012-2013 House League got underway this week and all teams were off to a good start. You can check out the schedules and the standings by clicking on the links below..

Monday Doubles House League Schedule

Tuesday Doubles House League Schedule

Current Doubles House League Standings

Singles House League also in Full Swing

The 2012-2013 Singles House League started this Monday. Check our the teams and shedules below.

Monday Singles House League Teams and Schedule


September 25, 2012

Pickering Squash Club Logo

Welcome to Our 27th Season



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