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Our 27th Season  
Doubles House League
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House League Rules:


1. EYE WEAR IS MANDATORY!! Balls and eyewear are available to purchase when you come to play and at the front desk or with Nicole. Please bring cash or a cheque.

2. All matches are to be played on the assigned day for your league unless the schedule indicates another day.

3. If you cannot make your match at your scheduled time YOU must find a substitute player to play. If you don’t find a sub, you will be letting down 3 other players. The Doubles Coordinator is not responsible for finding you a sub. You also have the option to contact the players with a BYE or players in the time slot before or after your court time to fill in for you.

4. Points: 1 point for every game you win against your scheduled opponent. The match will be 3 games. If you have time remaining after you play your match, I encourage you to continue playing for “fun”. A sub filling your position will contribute points for your team. Court times are 60 minutes. If you are scheduled in the 6:00 time slot, try to get there early so you have more time on court.

5. All players must be Squash Club members ($30 fee) and have a Recreation Complex Squash membership.

6. The rules of doubles squash (Hardball Doubles Rules Dec 2011) are to be followed for all House League play.

7. At the end of each House League season, and in each individual league, a Semi-final and Final will be held to determine the winner of the season's House League. A prize will be awarded to the team who wins the Finals.

8: At the beginning of the next season, the teams will be seeded based on the finishing order of the previous season and not on the Finals. The team that finishes in first place will be moved to the bottom of the next higher House League. the team that finishes in last place will be moved to the next lower House League. This process is ment to encourage teams to do well and improve their doubles squash ability by having the opportunity to play other teams of higher abilities.

9. Don’t forget to check out the web site at www.pickeringsquash.com for all house league and club information. Any questions can be sent to the Doubles Coodinator at doubles@pickeringsquash.com

See everyone on the courts,


Doubles Coorinator