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December 2000

Revised 08/19/01

Volume 15 Issue 1


Message from the President

Well here we are into December already. I trust that you are all enjoying the return to the courts after your summer break, which seems so far away. I see many new faces around the courts and a lot of the "long time" members taking part in the various other activities that our club offers.

Please note the upcoming events posted in the Rally and attend. A lot of these are annual events. The outcome is never the same but the results are equally enjoyable.

The Nerf Ball Fun Night is 20th January. Everyone enjoys this. Come out and try it.

Our next big venture is The Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament coming up in February 16th to 18th. This is a tournament run in memory of one of our past members who died of cancer. It is a Squash Ontario sanctioned tournament with the draw getting larger every year. It is a great weekend of squash and meeting players from other clubs. Sign up as soon as you see the sign up sheet, as there is a cut off number of players we can accommodate.

If anyone has advice, problems or any other issues they would like the Executive to be aware of please contact us.

I would like to wish you all a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Doreen Hunt

Your Vice?

Welcome to the new Millennium. It’s with the greatest respect that I look around our club and see a bunch of well preserved middle-aged athletes. Squash is not the kindest sport on ones body so as I look around I can see the gladiators of our generation, keeping fit and the sport alive.

Your executive spawned an idea a few years back. Why not build a doubles court and give those of us who are slowing down another venue to show off those squash talents.

We started collecting money for our building fund and we will approach the City to see if we can make this dream a reality. If you are interested in being involved in getting some new courts built we would love to hear from you.

One other aspect about our Club is the slow and insidious decline in membership and enthusiasm. I have given this much thought over the past number of years. It’s like a boat taking on water, you may not notice right away but when the water is up to your ankles its time to do something drastic or abandon ship. We are fast approaching that decision point.

We have one of the best facilities in the GTA. We have progressed from being a bunch of "Club" players to a group that has diverse talent revered by other clubs. All this is heading for a fork in the road. Many other clubs when they came to this decision point just folded. Case in point is the once dominant Ajax Club. Once the group that coordinates all the activities goes, so does the club. We have been blessed with an active executive that has kept our club afloat when many other clubs have failed. My concern is that club functions are poorly attended and declining, and most of our members do not give us any feedback. In some cases they even forget to pay their dues. If this continues it won’t be long before our club folds. I ask that if you are interested in a healthy club, you become involved with just one aspect of the Club that you would like to get better. Join a committee, sign up for the monthly events, come out to an executive meeting. Let’s have fun and a great club. See you on the courts.

Ian Parsons

 From Ladies Director of Play

I must admit being Director of Ladies Play is no problem (so far), Thanks to Scott for helping me with the Fall Flight Tournament. Once again we have ladies defaulting at the last minute and a couple of no shows, this was very unfortunate since the entries were very low to begin with.

Our Ladies T&D teams are doing great. As of Nov. 20th our "A" team is in 3rd place, the "C" team is in first place and the "D" team is… "having fun".

Thanks to our current members for all efforts in making our club a success & best wishes for the coming season.


Susan Bettencourt

From the office of the Treasurer

Just a little note on the financial side of the Club. We are still putting money away for the doubles courts. It shows to the Town that we’re still interested. We have 103 paid members as of December. So, if you still haven't paid your $25 Squash membership, please do so as soon as possible. Santa knows who's on the unpaid list!!
I would like to wish every one happy holidays and good health for the new year.

Julie Boulanger



Women’s Draw:  
Winner Yvonne Whyte
Finalist Carolyn Stevens
3rd Sue Bettencourt
4th Viru Parmar
5th Lily Kenny
6th Victoria Templer
Men’s A-B  
Winner Craig Schiele
Finalist Martin Nugent
Consolation Winner Norm Shaw
Consolation Finalist Ian Parsons
Men’s C  
Winner Mike Guimond
Finalist Mike Rochemont
Consolation Winner Mike Bettencourt
Consolation Finalist Elson Bettencourt
Men’s D-E  
Winner John Paul Lambert
Finalist Vincent Strati
3rd Dave Black


 Coming Events

Newball.gif (10786 bytes)Jan. 14th - New House League starts
Jan . 20th - Nerf Ball Tournament
Feb. 16th - 18th - Lee Hanebury Tournament
March - Mystery Event
April 8th - House League Finals
April 28th - Club Championships
May 5th - Awards Banquet

 The Toronto and District League

Many of our club members participate at various levels in the T & D League and Black Knight League. They represent our club playing squash throughout the Toronto district.. Come and support our teams by watching the games when they are playing at home. There are great games to be viewed and the teams would appreciate your support .




Women’s A Jan. 9, 23, 30 Feb. 6, 20

Women’s C Jan 16, 30 Feb. 13, 27 Mar 13

Women’s D Jan 11 Feb. 1 Mar 1

Men’s B Jan 17, 31 Feb 21, 28

Men’s C Jan 11, 25 Feb 1, 8, 22 Mar 1

Men’s D Jan 9 Feb 13

Men’s E Jan 12, 26 Feb 2, 9, 23 Mar 9

Masters Jan 11, 25 Feb 8, 15

Message from the Pro,

Happy New Year. It’s the mid-point of the season and I thought that I would take this opportunity to discuss a few things with the club members. As usual, our houseleague is up and running with at least 80-90 people participating each week. As these matches are played each Sunday it is expected that not everyone will be able to attend each match. However, it is your responsibility to either: a) find a substitute from either the sub list or the team with the bye, or b) inform the person you are to play that you will be unable to attend. Far too frequently, people are showing up for matches and not having a partner to play with. Everybody should have a schedule so they will know each week what time they’ll be playing well in advance. And, located on the team list is a substitute list so please use it.

In the new year, the club will be hosting the Nerf Ball Fun Night, a Black Knight to Remember, and The Hanebury Tournament. As with most club socials, they are well attended but this year we would like to see even more people attend these events. They are not very competitive in nature so there’s no need to be intimidated. Try out one of these events, you’ll have a great time, and won’t be able to wait until the next one.

There are a couple of posters on the club boards with a picture of John Paul Lambert. This picture was taken after he was hit with a squash ball while wearing his protective eyewear. A club member keeps writing on the boards beside his picture that he still does not wear his eyewear. I would like it to be known that: he was wearing his eyewear when he was struck, he still always wears his eyewear on the court, and, please don’t write on the boards as it means that I have to constantly replace the paper. Thanks.

Some of our past players have been representing the country as of late. Both Josh MacDonald and Shawn DeLierre played for the Canadian National Team at the Pan Am Games held this month in Brazil. We will keep our eyes posted for their future endeavors.

Come out and support the club at the Hanebury Tourney and with the T&D teams. You’ll be impressed! Keep squashing.

Scott Coleman

The Fall Houseleague for 2000

The Fall Houseleague for 2000 came to an exciting finish. The Royal Galas and the Northern Spys battled for the top spot on Dec. 9th. Each match counted much to the chagrin of Donna and Lisa. Congratulations to the Northern Spys for winning the day.

The Northern Spys: Kevin Cahill, Mike Rochemont, Randy Filinski, Murray Pearson, Karim Ladak, Alan Lachapelle, Brendan Boles, Gerry Shirle (sub Doreen Hunt) and Donna Schirle

Welcome To Our New Members

Stephen Bettencourt Karim Ladak
Dave Black Stephen Lippitt
Brendan Boles Clay Melnike (returning)
Wade Brackenbury Murray Pearson (returning)
Maurice Daniel Brenda Rappos
Michelle Huot Craig Schiele (returning)
Robert Kneebone


We hope to see you participating in all the club activities.

Note From the Editor

It is great to drop by the courts and watch squash. Some games, though, make me want to duck and dodge as the players go for shots which for safety sake should be left alone. With this in mind I would like to bring to your attention the idea of THE LET. Squash is a game that does not include physical contact and the safety of the players is part of the rules. Here is a simple chart to determine if a shot could be a LET or a STROKE. Use it even when playing your friendly games. It is part of the rules of the game and will make the game safer and more enjoyable for both players. Please call your lets.

Susan Bruce, Editor


Was there any interference?

Direct Access, Fair View,

Freedom of Stroke to the Front Wall


No Let



Did obstructed player make every

effort to get there and could he have

made a good return?


No Let



Did opponent make every effort to clear the ball?





Was obstructed player in a position to make a winning return?


Yes Let



Where Are You????

The following people were members last year but have not signed up for this year. If you know them. Please encourage them to come back as members. If they are playing in Club functions, please encourage them to pay their dues. If your name is on this list and you have paid your dues, please contact Julie Boulanger at 905-426-4487

Mike MacInnis
Cindy Alexiou Steve MacInnis
Terry Manswell
Kevin Cahill Richard McCallum
Amanda Chapman Dave McGonogil
Julie Danabie Glen Menezes
Karen DeSa Martin Nugent
Ruth Dunslow (recovering from injury) Garry Prevoe
Jeff Evans
Bob Felder Denis Rainville
Mathew Ferguson Kyle Rainville
Mike Garvey Rob Rollings
Anil Ghei Gavin Rosario
Suneel Ghei Kam Shamasdin
Shawn Gordon Stan Sharp
Sara-Jane KaighenCresswell Jim Shoemaker
Kegan Kawano Rob Sidsworth
Bob Kimball Mark Somerville
Kevin Lynch
Zahar Lyssov Michael Todd
Dale Williston