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March 2001

Volume 15 Issue 2


Message from the President

Well here we are again fast approaching the end of another winter season. We have had a great year with House League, fun nights and another wonderful Lee Hanebury Tournament. It is not until some of these events have taken place that we realize what a strong supportive club we have. I know that we do not get a great attendance at all the events, but for those who do take the time to attend I have yet to hear any criticism. We must be doing something right. Now just lets get the attendance up.

As I mentioned we have just completed a very successful Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament. Thanks again to our great pro, Scott and your crew of faithful troupers who helped to make this a very competitive but congenial event. Every year I think we get more players who come not because of advertising fliers but by word of mouth. I quote " I heard my friend say that this is one of the best tournaments around". I would also like to thank the sponsors for their generosity shown each year. Scott will elaborate on this event further.

Now we have to look forward to the finals of the second session of Mixed House League and the Club Championship. Before these last two big winter events we have a couple of fun evenings so please try to support our hard working team, come out and join in on the fun.

See you around the courts.

Doreen Hunt



National Junior Championships 2003

You may have heard mention of the fact that some Pickering squash members were showing an interest in once again hosting the Canadian Junior Championships in the year 2003. Some of you ‘oldies’ probably remember the fun and long days of hosting this event in 1991. That event showcased some amazingly talented squash with the likes of Jonathon Power and Graham Ryding. With some of our local players – Brian Ernst, Dane Sharp, Jason De Lierre, Sameer Vadera et al, rising the ranks of junior squash, there is a good chance we could witness some of our own taking home national titles at the 2003 event.

However, this is not a tournament that can be run by your local squash pro alone, or any other individual. This needs to be a combined group event that takes a year and a half of planning. Presently, one individual, Stan Sharp, has taken the initiative to try and spearhead a committee to present an application to host this event. Squash Ontario as well appears to be enthusiastic about our possible hosting of the event.

Our application is set to be due in a couple of months, but before applying for it, we require definite confirmation from a committee of individuals that they would be willing to donate their time to this cause. Responsibilities of this committee, from my limited experience, include sponsorship, accommodations, food, entertainment, tournament organization, registration, and the list goes on. The long and short of it is, if you are interested in becoming a part of this committee, we need your response now, ie. by May 2001. Past tournament holders will tell you what a rewarding experience it was. They’ll also tell you that it requires a group of dedicated individuals. Please talk to me, Scott, concerning this.


Poker Squash Night

Friday March 23, 2001



Have you signed up yet? This will be a fun night with a slightly different twist. This is not serious and you don’t need to know how to play poker.

We will run Poker Squash similar to the Black Knight Event. For those of you that really wanted to go to the Black Knight Event but couldn’t make it, the following will help you better understand how it’ll work for Poker Squash.


Scott Coleman will handicap everyone so that we are all on a similar playing field. We will then put everyone into groups and you will play everyone in your group. If the group has six people then you will play five games. If you win the game then you will draw 2 cards and if you lose the game you will draw 1 card. The more wins you have, the more cards for you to draw to make a better 5 card hand. The better your chances are of making a winning hand. So anyone could win the poker hand regardless as to whether you won any squash games. That’s the fun of it.

You don’t need to know poker. You just need to know how to have fun. I will have a list of the highest to lowest poker hands drafted for everyone’s reference. Your $5.00 ante for the evening will be put into the pot for the cash prizes. The more players the bigger the pot. The top three hands will win the pot with the best hand winning the most and so on. In the event there are ties in hands then there will be a cut the deck challenge to determine who gets the higher position.

If there are 20 people playing then we are working from a $100.00 pot. If there are enough participants and we can get a bigger pot then there will be more winners. So lets get as many people out as possible to make the pot grow and maybe have more than three prizes. There will be something to drink and nibble on throughout the evening.


Please don’t forget to sign up on the bulletin board and bring your poker face. Please come at 7PM to hopefully get the teams sorted out so we can start as soon as possible.

Mike Guimond

Director at Large



Results of the Lee Hanebury Tournament:

Men's A Winner - Cory Melville
Finalist - Jeff Evans
Men's B Winner - Steve MacInnis
Finalist - Will Mariani
Men's C Winner - Ryan Osborne
Finalist - Sid Stevens / Norm Shaw
Men's D Winner - Mike Guimond
Finalist - Tony Minhas
Men's E Winner - Eamonn Dooley
Finalist - Bram Wittenberg
Women's A Winner - Jody Melville
Finalist - Val Quinn
Women's B Winner - Vanessa Steinwall
Finalist - Rebecca Brydges
Women's C Winner - Stephanie Edmison
Finalist - Karen Comeau
Women's D Winner - Natasha Vadera
Finalist - Victoria Templer
Women's E Winner - Janet Brick
Finalist - Jennifer Fisher


Squat’s Corner

Our season is on the wind down, so here are just a couple of notes. The Hanebury 2001 was another success. Thanks and kudos to the following: Peter Hanebury and Bram Wittenberg for tourney help, Doreen Hunt and Victoria Templer for the food prep, Jey Ratnasingam and Rick D’Souza for the bar,

Martin Nugent and Raj Vadera for the shirts, Barb Evans, Heather Swartz and Susan Bruce for the registration desk, and Terry Bruce for the refereeing. The response from the participants makes this tourney a joy to hold. A personal thanks from Scott for all of your hard work.

As usual, the houseleague turn out has been disconcerting. I beseech you, please try your hardest to attend your houseleague games, and if not, make every effort to find a sub. If these trends continue, there may not be a houseleague as nobody will bother to register. It’s also disheartening for our new members to join a league where they show up to play an opponent that doesn’t exist.

Tournament Results

The T & D tournament at Mayfair in January had the Men’s B division dominated by Pickering with Dane Sharp winning, Craig Schiele in 2nd and Scott Gormley in 5th. On the women’s side, Vicky Marrack was 2nd in the A division, Sue Bettencourt was 2nd in the B division and Karen Comeau was 7th in the C. Congrats.

No official results on the junior side other than to say that Brian Ernst, Dane Sharp and Jason DeLierre have been beating up the competition in the under 17 and 19 divisions throughout the province. Brian also competed in the Scottish and British Opens in December. Sameer Vadera has been making some noise (literally – he squeals) in his tournaments as well. Shawn DeLierre has been making great headway in the pro circuit. Shawn still can compete as a junior (semi’s at the British Junior Open), but has won a number of senior tournaments too and on the weekend of March 9-11 placed second behind Graham Ryding at the Ontario Open. It probably is not premature to say that there could be great matches in the future for Shawn.

Lastly, some dates to remember. The Houseleague finals have been changed from April 15th to the 22nd. Apparently, there’s a holiday called Easter on the 15th and the building will be closed. Competitors should be off their chocolate sugar fix by the 22nd. Club championships are the 26th – 28th of April – please attend. The end of year banquet hosted by Jey and Rick will be on May 5th. This is a lot of fun with food, beverage and dancing and apparently I had a lot of fun last year at it. Our members have so much fun on the courts, why not get together off the courts for some libations and good craic? (Editors note: You will have to ask Scott what that means!)

T&D finals are March 28th for the Women (hopefully two teams) and April 4th for the Men (potentially 4 teams.) Please come out and support the teams.

Keep squashing – I gone. Scott



TheWinter Houseleague for 2001

The Winter Houseleague for 2001 is infested with insects. The Standings as of March 4th

Damselflies 119.5
Cockroaches 119.5
Aphids 113.5
Silverfish 102
Earwigs 92.5
Caterpillars 89.5
Dung Beetles 72
Horseflies 63.5
Moths 60




To John Wigglesworth and Linda Kenny congratulations on the safe arrival of little Sarah Nicole, born March 4th weighing 8lb. 6oz. Mom, Dad and baby are doing well. Linda will soon be back on the courts.


Note From the Editor

Squash can not only be a recreational activity helping you keep fit and socially active it can benefit you in many other ways. I recently asked two of our former juniors Nicole Carroll and Vanessa Steinwall, how squash has helped them.

Nicole Carroll told me that squash has helped her see the world. And indeed it has. Nicole has traveled to the ends of the earth to play squash. At the tender age of 16 Nicole went to Australia with the Canadian National Squash team to participate in a training camp. A mere 6 years later she could be found in the far north, Whitehorse,Yukon representing Ontario in the Canadian Team Championships. Here, as well as playing squash, Nicole had the opportunity to try dog sledding. How is that for spreading your horizons? Nicole has also traveled to Europe with her squash racquet in tow. She spent some time in Edinburgh’s Holyrood Castle while playing in the Scottish Open and witnessed England in the winter during the British Open. This past summer she went to the Chec Republic for the World University Squash Games. She has also seen quite a bit of North America through squash, playing in the U. S. Open in both Rhode Island and Philadelphia. So far squash has taken Nicole to 5 of the 10 Canadian provinces. Nicole is currently attending McMaster University and is playing on the university team. In the Ontario University Association tournament Nicole helped the McMaster team win the bronze medal and she won the bronze medal for individual achievement. Through a lot of hard work, constant training and natural talent Nicole has seen the world. As I type this she is at yet another tournament.

Vanessa Steinwall tells me that squash has helped her make the adjustment to university life.

From Vanessa:

" This year was my first at Western and playing on the squash team definitely made it much more fun. The girls on my team were all very nice and they were all willing to help me with my game and any other problems that I may have encountered. Joining the squash team at Western meant a free membership at the Good Life Fitness Club, free lessons from the pro, who also happens to be our coach and about 1-2 tournaments a month at all the different universities. There were only 6 girl teams in the league and each team consists of 6 girls who play at the tournaments, 7 girls travel to away games and as many girls as you want on the team. There were 12 girls on my team and I played in the 5th spot. At the tournaments you are able to meet a lot of new people as all the teams are very friendly. There is an individual tournament for the top 24 girls, in which I placed 9th. There is also a team finals where my team won gold and there is an allstar award handed out to 12 girls in the league, which I received as a second round allstar (which means I was in the lower 6). The practices are not to strict or demanding and the girls on my team always get together to go out to the bars or watch
some movies. Being on the squash team was one of the highlights of my year and I really enjoyed playing with girls my age because at times it seems like there are not a lot of them. It has improved my game and did not affect my schoolwork as all the girls on my team are very hard workers when it comes to school. Having a squash team was one of the reasons I choose to come to Western and I am glad I did."

It is great to see these young people use squash as a springboard to other stages in their lives. They have done the club proud as well as their parents and families.

Squash might not take me to other cities but it does get me off the sofa and gets me meeting people. Here’s to squash.

Susan Bruce, Editor


Up Coming Events

March 23rd - Poker Squash Night
March 28th - Ladies T&D finals at

Mayfair Lakeshore

March 30th - Men’s E-League semi-finals at Pickering
April 4th - Men’s T&D finals at

Mayfair Lakeshore

April 6th - Men’s E-league Finals at Glenway Squash Club
April 22nd - House league Finals
April 27-28th - Club Championships
May 5th - End of season Banquet