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September 2001  

Volume 16 Issue 1


Message from the President

Once again we are starting up a new year with some new faces on the executive. I would like to thank the past executive for the work they have done and welcome the newcomers to the pleasure of serving the Pickering Squash Club. We have a busy schedule of upcoming events. The dates have not yet been finalized for some of the events but we will let you know well in advance.

One of the most important events is the Rules Clinic given by Dave Howard on October 29th at 7:00. This is a clinic of interest to anyone who wants to play squash. No matter how many clinics you attend there is always something to be learned. I personally feel that all players should make their best effort to attend. Many of us are not using the rules to their best advantage of playing safe squash. If this sounds harsh, it is meant to be, as I see a lot of dangerous play which does not need to take place. The rules should be used to overcome these situations.

On a happier note, Mixed House League starts this Sunday and it will be great to see many familiar and new faces playing.

Have a great season of good safe squash.

See you around the courts.

Doreen Hunt



Congratulations go out to Scott and Karen Coleman on the early but safe arrival of Molly. Mom and baby are doing well. We’re not too sure about Dad.

Rules Clinic
October 29th
7:30 pm
Dave Howard
learn the new rules
review the old ones
know how to call a game
what’s a let. What’s a stroke, What’s a point
There have been some changes to the rules. Don’t be surprised. Be in the know !!!!

Presenting the executive for the 2001 - 2002 season

President - Doreen Hunt
Vice-President - Victoria Templer
Treasurer - Mike Guimond
Secretary - Donna Schirle
Social Director - Eamon Dooley
Asst. Social Director - Colin MacKenzie
Director of Ladies’ Play - Susan Bettencourt
Director of Men’s Play - Scott Coleman
Director of Junior Play - Janet Brick
Dir. of Public Relations - Susan Bruce
Director at Large - Ian Parsons
Technical Advisor - Nicole Carroll
Town Representative - Bram Wittenberg

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Results of the Club Championship for 2001:

Men's A Winner - DANE SHARPE
Finalist - STEVE McINNIS
Men's C Winner - JIT TAN
Women’s A/B Winner - TERRY WALFORD

Remember you must pay your membership before you participate in any club activity, T and D games, House League or tournaments

The Fall House League for 2001

The Fall House League for 2001 is crawling with SNAKES this season. The House League starts Sunday October 15th.

Team Captain
Pythons Victoria Templer
Boas Mike Guimond
Anacondas Jey Ratnasingam
Cobras Eamonn Dooley
Vipers Nicole Carroll
Rattlesnakes Doreen Hunt
Cottonmouths Vince Strati
Garters Raj Vadera
Copperheads Norm Shaw

Bad News / Good News

In the Bad News department we find that we have to say good bye to Scott Coleman as our pro. Scott has found that it is time to move on to another phase of his life. Scott was a very hardworking pro and leader in our club. He spent many hours working for the club not only on the courts with lessons but also at the drawing board ranking players for the house league positions and our various tournaments. Many have benefited from the clinics Scott ran. Scott we will miss you as our pro but all is not lost. In the Good News Department Scott has found that he cannot leave us completely. In his new life he has found time to be the Director of Men’s Play on the executive. Hurray.

Welcome to our NEW PRO

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new pro Nicole Carroll. Nicole brings with her not only excellent squash skills but also youth and enthusiasm. A native of Pickering, Nicole first swung a racquet in our own courts. Since that first swing she has traveled extensively learning new techniques and demonstrating her talents throughout the world. In the summer of 2000 , Nicole represented Ontario in the Canadian Team Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon and she also went to the Chec Republic for the World University Squash Games. Nicole has experienced training under various coaches. She even spent time in a sports training camp in Australia with the Canadian National Squash team. It is a pleasure to watch Nicole play the game, with her explosive backhand. We are hoping she can teach us some of her secrets.

Drop by and welcome our new pro.

Note From the Editor

Each year the club awards the Chris Doona trophy. Who is Chris Doona and what is the Chris Doona Award? Chris Doona was one of the club’s original members. He was very active in the club and an example of good sportsmanship. Chris died of cancer at a very young age. In tribute to the work he did in promoting squash and the Pickering squash club a plaque is awarded to a member of the club each year and their name is written on the trophy on display in the show case in the squash hall.

The award is granted to the individual who works to promote the life of the club. It is awarded to an individual who would help with tournaments, volunteer for the social events, help work with new or junior members of the club or do some of the grunt work that is so necessary for the smooth running of the club. The winner of the Chris Doona award should demonstrate good sportsmanlike behaviour on the courts and encourage others to do the same. In essence it would go to an individual who gives unselfishly of their time for the betterment of the club. To win the award the club member does not need to excel on the courts. Excellence on the courts is awarded through winning tournaments and games.

The winner for the award is now chosen by the previous winners. These members continue to work for the club.


The winner for the 2001 Chris Doona Award was Jey Ratnasingam . The award was presented by Raj Vadera to Jey at the annual awards banquet in May. In acknowledging Jey as a Chris Doona Award winner, we recognize not only his work on the Social committee but also his work with the juniors . Jey has been a hard worker for the club for many years. We all know of his work on our social nights, standing behind the bar, providing the refreshments and always smiling. Many of us don't know about the many hours he has put in over the years in support of the junior squash program. For many years he assisted at the Sunday clinics and from 1997 to 1999 Jey took over as Director of Junior Play running the whole program.

It is great to have people like Jey in the club. Congratulations Jey.

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2001 Chris Doona winner Jey Ratnasingam


Up Coming Events

Week of October 8th - Ladies T & D League Starts
Week of October 15th - Men’s T & D League Starts
October 15th - Fall House League Starts
October 27th - Calcutta Night
October 29th - Rules Clinic at 7:30 PM
Nov 12th - Executive Meeting
Nov. 23/24th - Fall Flight Tournament
Dec. 10th - Executive Meeting
Jan. 14th - Executive Meeting
Jan. 19th - Nerf Ball Fun Night
Feb. 11th - Executive Meeting
Feb. 22 - 24th - Lee Hanebury Tournament
Mar 11th - Executive Meeting
March 23rd - Challenge or Poker Night
March 31st - Easter Sunday
Apr. 8th - Executive Meeting
April TBA - Mixed House League finals
May 13th - Executive Meeting
May 14th - Awards Banquet

Squash is a Non-contact Sport

Let’s Keep it that Way


It has come to the attention of the executive that there has been unsportsmanlike conduct on the courts during House League matches. Squash is a game of challenges. Challenging your own ability to make a good shot. Challenging your opponent to return a shot. Challenging your body to withstand the required exertion. Challenging your mind to know where to place the ball. Challenging your eyes to see where your opponent has sent the ball. It is a game of challenges but not challenges at all costs. There is one other challenge to play the game safely and within the rules.

Unsportsmenlike conduct includes putting your opponent in jeopardy by not calling lets, verbal distractions and verbal outbreaks including profanity directed at your opponent, a referee or even at yourself. Generally causing situations which are dangerous to your opponent are not part of a good squash match.

After witnessing a dangerous rally, the player involved was asked, "Why they did not call a let instead of hitting their opponent?" They responded proudly, "I don’t call lets." Calling lets is part of the game. It does not mean you are weak or inexperienced or lazy. It means you recognize that you cannot make the shot safely and in the interest of safe play the rally should be played again.

The phenomena of Rage has become a very potent and damaging part of our society. Taking offense and showing it verbally, physically and in the worst cases with the use of dangerous objects such as guns, knives and automobiles has become very prevalent in today's society. Now it is showing another incarnation in the form of Court Rage.

Andre Agassi has been disqualified from tournaments for cursing at himself. He was astounded. He admitted that in past he had done much worse. Why was he thrown out this time? Well, you could consider it "Referee Rage".

Tennis' bad boy, John MacInroe is the first to admit that his actions when he was playing should have disqualified him many times. It was tolerated and in some cases, expected by the audience. Well, not any more.

Officials are sick and tired of taking the abuse of prima-donna players and they are not going to take it any more. The rules give the referee the power to act on such behaviour and finally they are starting to use it.

In squash competition, the rules also cover this. Rule 17, Conduct on the Court, states:

If the Referee considers that the behaviour of a player on court could be intimidating or offensive to an opponent, official or spectator, or could in any way bring the game into disrepute, the player may be penalized.

This penalty can be a Conduct Warning, a Conduct Point, a Conduct Game or a Conduct Match. This isn't the only penalty that can be imposed either!


If the match is sanctioned by Squash Canada or Squash Ontario(T&D and the Lee Hanebury Memorial tournament both qualify), the individual's conduct can be reported to Squash Canada or Squash Ontario. The penalties can range from a warning to disqualification from participating in sanctioned events.

It is time that action be taken. The rule is clear. It may be hard to do but it is time to put Rule 17 back into the game of squash. If you are refereeing a game and you feel that conduct on the court warrants a penalty then it is time to take a stand and enact Rule 17. The Squash Club Executive fully endorses the Rules of Squash and support their enforcement.

If you have any questions about the interpretation of this rule or any other rule, please be sure to come to the Rules Clinic and have Dave clarify it. A number of members of our club are carded referees and fully qualified to help you with your questions.

Let's work together to make the game of squash enjoyable and safe for everyone.

2001 -2001 Awards Banquet

April 28th we had the Annual Awards Banquet. Prizes for both the Fall and Winter House League winners were awarded as well as the prizes for the Fall Flight Tournament and the Club Championship. That’s a lot of prizes.

After a meal and the presentations everyone let their hair down to grove to the music. Don’t we look like we had a good time?

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Come one Come all

to the Pickering Squash Club’s


October 27th


Come out and play a little squash, pick a winning team and enjoy good company and refreshments.

Susan Bruce, Editor