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January 2002


Volume 16 Issue 2

Message from the President:

Here we are at beginning of a new year and half way through the winter season of squash.  I hope you all had a very safe and Happy Holiday Season and are fit to run off the extra entertainment “energy you will have built up”. 

Just a round up of what has gone on over the past few months. 

We have had a social event, the Calcutta Night, T & D teams up and running, the Fall Flight Tournament and the first session of Mixed House League.We had a Rules Clinic on October 29th, which was advertised and very poorly attended.  There have been some changes in the rules and for those of you who did not come out you missed the extra knowledge that could win or lose you a game.  This clinic would have been to the advantage of a lot of the players who seem to think that the objective of a squash game is to hit the little black ball as hard as you can with out any regard or care as to your opponents whereabouts on the court.  It has been mentioned a few times that there are some players who are showing very poor sportsman-like conduct and if this persists, then stiffer measures will be taken.  Most of the players are playing the game for a good match with a work out, but it just takes one or two poor sports to turn some people away.  This is where we could lose players.  There are also a few who sign up for events and then do not show or change their minds.  If you have a conflict on the playing dates of either house league, tournaments or any other event please let the organizers know, as they put in a lot of time and effort to make these events a success. 

Another point which has been brought up is the issue of eyewear.  You will notice in our constitution, that if you are participating in any Pickering Squash Club event it is MANDATORY to wear proper protective eyewear.  Several accidents have happened over the years  but for the protection, some would not be playing today.  Please support this and ask your opponents to abide by the “Pickering Squash Club” rules. 

Let’s start 2002 on a positive note.  Check  the sign-up-boards and join us in having good competitive squash with a social side not to be beaten.  Look at our page on the web, thanks to Terry and Susan Bruce. Visit the site often to be updated on House League standings and up-coming events.. 

Once again let’s have a great 2002. 

Doreen Hunt

 Be sure to visit our web site at



 From Your Squash Pro 

Hi Everyone,

Looks like 2002 is shaping up to be yet another great year at the Pickering Squash Club!  From a record-breaking number of participants in our Winter House League to the growing number of enthusiastic juniors, the future is looking bright for Pickering.  It goes without saying that our ten T&D teams continue to uphold our reputation of being one of the top clubs in the city.  A special congratulations to our Ladies “E” teams, our newest addition to the T&D league. 

Finally, I just wanted to thank all the members for being so welcoming and supportive.  Having been a member here for the past 13 years, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to give back to a club that has done so much for my squash endeavors.  

            Hope to see everyone out for the upcoming annual Lee Hanebury Tournament at the end of February and I’m looking forward to seeing the level at the Pickering Squash Club continue to improve!!

 Nicole Carroll


  Results of the Fall House League:

The Fall House League came to a slithering end with a battle between the Cobras and the Vipers.

The Vipers were victorious. Congratulations to

Michael Todd

Nicole Carroll

Mike Bettencourt

Susan Bettencourt

John-Paul Lmabert

Bram Wittenberg

Wade Brackenbury

Greg Halsall

Amanda Chapman

Jenny Strati



The Fall Flight Tournament

The Fall Flight Tournament was held on November 23/24th. The winners are 

Men’s A &B


Steve Dunslow

Men’s C&D


Mark Trusdale

Ladies C&D


Heather Swartz



Remember you must pay your membership before you participate in any club activity, T and D games, House League or tournaments


  The Winter House League for 2002

 We’re injured for the winter of 2002, hopefully just in name and not in actuality. For the Winter House League for 2002 the teams are named after conditions of a squash player.




Squash Bums

Susan Bruce

Bruised Egos

 Sameer Vadera

Stiff Joints

Doreen Hunt

Heel Spurs

Vince Strati


John Whyte


Ian Parsons

Shin Splints

Norm Shaw

Pulled Hamstrings

Nicole Carroll

Squash Elbows

Rick D’Souza

Ankle Twisters

Victoria Templer



Lee Hanebury


 Feb. 22 to 24th


Be sure to sign up. It is always a great time.

If you would like to help in any way talk to Nicole or e-mail her at:



Seeing Double
- Director at Large

 It’s time for more Double talk. No not the diversification of ideology but rather where the heck are we on our path to playing doubles squash at the Pickering facility?

 The good news is that we have been included in the City’s 5 year planning for the addition of doubles courts for the Recreation centre. This means the addition of courts will be considered by the City council at the upcoming budgeting process. It is critical that the councilors agree with this plan or else we cannot move to our next phase of the project plan – Fundraising.

 The 5-year plan will come to council some time in late February or early March. It is our intention to draft and send letters to the council members expressing our desires for the courts and the direction we as the Pickering Squash Club will take to partner with the City to share the costs of the construction of these courts.

 Once we have acceptance and are part of the official City plans we can begin to raise funds to help determine the actual construction dates. My goal is to target having cleared all the hurdles required to have these courts constructed within 3 years of the approval from City council. We will have goals to achieve and barriers to cross but the journey will be half the fun. If you are interested in joining us to help build the doubles courts, - drop me a line, hug me on court…. Or catch me at our next event.

 Ian Parsons



 sweatshirt.JPG (12902 bytes)

You may have noticed a few members sporting new t-shirts and rugby shirts with the Pickering Squash Club logo. We are selling these shirts as a fund raiser and to promote the club. The T-shirts have the logo screen printed and both style of sweatshirts have the logo embroidered. The shirts wash well and are very comfortable. They are on display in the pro’s office if you want to take a look.


T-shirt $18

Sweatshirt $34.50

Rugby sweatshirt $38.00


To order talk to Susan Bruce, Doreen Hunt or Victoria Templer




Jan. 26th


Nerf Ball Fun Night

Feb. 11th


Executive Meeting

Feb. 22 - 24th


Lee Hanebury Tournament

Mar 11th


Executive Meeting

Mar 23rd


Challenge or Poker Night

Mar 31st


Easter Sunday

Apr. 8th


Executive Meeting

April TBA


Mixed House League Finals

May 13th


Executive Meeting

May 18th


Awards Banquet



Report from the Director of Junior Play

 Nicole is running a junior programme on Sunday afternoons, with just over twenty players aged 8-15 registered. The programme developed out of her successful fall session, in which approximately 12 players attended the ten weekly lessons. We hope all members will support and encourage our juniors. Although the current session is full, we plan to run it again. If you know anyone interested in being contacted for the next session, please have them contact either Nicole or Janet Brick(email greg.ingham@sympatico.ca or  telephone 905-683-3096).


           Hi, it has been some time since many of you have laid your eyes upon me.  I still exist, just not around the squash club that often.  My duties as MD of P ae being done away from the court at the moment, but for the most part I am keeping in touch with the happenings at the complex.  Our Fall Flight Tournament went swimmingly and I was actually quite impressed that a high majority of those who signed up for the tournament managed to complete their matches.  Now, just to get those numbers up again....

            I have noticed that our T&D teams are fairing well; congrats to Nicole and her excellent coaching.  I can only comment on the Men’s A team, and even so, from quite a distance.  My duties as captain consume more time on the phone each week than on the court.  But, mark my words, the old fat boy will return, just in the form of what has yet to be determined.

            Lastly, as someone familiar with the running of said club, I would like to welcome Nicole to the Squash Club and all indications are that she is exceeding the expectations of everyone, less me.  Nicole will continue to do a great job I am sure.  And, people, please reach out and hug a squash club executive member (even me, if you can get your arms around my gargantuan belly).  Honestly, I stress that this club functions better than any other one does because of the few hours a month this executive devotes to its club patronage.  I enjoyed working for them, working with them, and will continue to enjoy the club members and executive because squash is about the three F’s - Fun, Fitness and Friendship - and the Pickering Squash Club is dedicated to all three.  Please refer to this phrase when you are either tired, losing, tired of losing, or upset;  I would like to see people leaving the court after a match happier than they were when entering, no matter the outcome.

            Peace, squash brothers and sisters.

 P.S.  To clarify a rule that has come up lately..... a let may be allowed if said facial hair (Matt Ferguson’s sideburns) interfere with the sight of the ball, and, a point to the striker if said facial hair comes into contact with the ball.  Resume play please.

 Scott Coleman


Note From the Editor


It is interesting to see the names of the house league teams this season. I think I should be on the team called No Stamina because that I believe is the condition of this particular squash player.It takes so long to build up your stamina and get into condition to play this game but miss playing for few weeks, like the Christmas break and pouf  all the conditioning has disappeared. I’m sure that many members find themselves in this state. Don’t be discouraged just get out there and try a workout in the cardio room or the weight room to help build  up your stamina. We are lucky here at the Pickering Rec Centre our squash membership includes these facilities and the use of the pool. We just have to get out there and use it.


This is important to avoid the common squash aliments



Susan Bruce


Set aside March 23rd for another

Pickering Squash Club

Social Event


Susan Bruce, Editor