Volume 12 Issue 5 April 1998


The End of a great season

Well, here we are. It's already April and the season is quickly coming to an end. It has been a year of growth and a year of successes for our club. We have had a surge in membership that saw our numbers grow to 152 including 56 new adult members. The best part is how active these new members have been. Thank you for your participation and we hope that your experience this year will bring you back year after year.

The other area of growth this year has been in the number of inter-club teams. This year we were able to field a team in every Men's and Ladies division of The Toronto and District League as well as an "E" team in the Black Knight Men's "E" League. We were also instrumental in forming the Ladies "E" league with Pine Valley. This gave us a total of ten inter-club teams. Pickering was the only club to field a team at every level for both Men's and Ladies. That is definitely something to be proud of.

Now it's one thing to field teams but we also had two championship teams. Both the Ladies "D" and the Men's "B" went all the way to take the trophy for their respective divisions. Congratulations to the Men's "A" "B" teams, and every division of the ladies league which had teams in the play-offs. It was a job well done by all.

And congratulations to all the other teams that participated during the season. Don't forget to sign up for the Summer T&D leagues that will be starting soon. Contact Karen Borda, Dave Howard or Scott Coleman if you are interested.

Our Annual General Meeting and sign-up for the 1998/1999 season will be on Sept. 22nd, at 7:30 P.M., at the Pickering Recreation Complex.

House League Finals

The House League Winter Season is quickly coming to a conclusion. It too has been a great success. The concept of two seasons has given many more people the opportunity to join in the fun. On Sunday, April 19th the finals will see The Adams Family take on The Macraefish for the coveted title. Be sure to come out and support these two teams. The action starts at 12:00 noon.

The Adams Family The Macraefish
Kevin Cahill Scott Coleman (Capt.)
Sid Stevens Denis Rainville
Carolyn Stevens (Capt.) Jey Ratnasingam
Ron Gordon Brian Frost
Darren Matthews Steve Reeves
Mike Stoker Hashim Rizvi
Gavin Rosario Don Warriner
Lisa Martin Karen Borda
Susan Bruce Jerry Durante
Suzanne Adams Karen Macrae

Season Finale Awards Banquet

April 25th at 7:00 P.M.

Following the Club Championships.

At Papp's Restaurant

Don't miss the fun!!!!

PSC Now has a WEB Site

Yes, you can now find the PICKERING SQUASH CLUB on the World Wide Web. Many people have asked for it and now you can surf to find out about what's happening at your club.


Information such as upcoming events, tournament results and past history will be among the information that you will find here.

This is a temporary location while we test out acceptance and usage of the site. If you find the information useful, please let us know. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on the site, please let us know. If you don't like the site… I guess you had better let us know that too. Please drop me a line at tbruce@idirect.com and give me your comments, good or bad. Or you can click on the bottom of the WEB page to leave a message.

Report from the Ladies Director of Play

The Toronto & District Squash finals were held at Mayfair Lakeshore on April 1st for the men and April 8th for the ladies - both evenings heralded Pickering Squash Club teams as victors!

It was an exciting evening on April 1st when the Pickering Men's A & B teams played side by side for their respective championship matches. Pickering supporters filled the stands and cheered their vocal chords out--yet the atmosphere was tense as the matches played on.

Congratulation to our Men's "A" team for their very close 2nd place finish (2 - 3) against Glendon. Scott Coleman, Jeff Evans, Steve McInnes, Matt Ferguson and Sean Aiken all played outstanding matches!

After an absolutely grueling, nail biting five-hours of incredible play, our Men's "B" team proved themselves to be the champions of the T&D League, "B" Division. The matches were incredible--two of them battled on to 5th game tie-breakers and by the start of the 5th match, Pickering and Toronto Athletic Club were tied at 2 wins each--so it all came down to the final match with Stephen Dunslow playing for Pickering--and playing as well as he did, he captured the victory for his team. Congratulations to Stephen Dunslow, Darrell Babcock, Jim Shoemaker, Kevin Cahill, Raj Vadera, Norm Shaw and Martin Nugent on a championship season!

On April 8th, the excitement of the previous week was still in the air when our ladies "D" team took to the courts for their title battle. The Pickering fans (and a lot from Ajax) were back in full force to cheer their ladies on and once again the matches were close with 3 going to the full 5 games…but the Pickering Ladies "D" team proved themselves to be the champions with a 4-1 victory over the Fitness Institute West. Congratulations to Diane Pearce, Rosemary Aiken, Heather Swartz, Victoria Templer, Karen Borda, Dee Steinwall, Sylvia Cowley and Susan Bruce on their winning season!

The ladies finals were followed by an awards banquet in which Pickering Squash Club was given honorable mention for being the only club with a ladies team participating at all levels of T&D plus our own Chrissie Evans was this years Junior Bursary recipient--congratulations Chrissie!

The support that was shown to all of our T&D teams both at these finals and throughout the year is a core part of what makes the Pickering Squash Club so successful and fun--thanks to both the participants and supporters! …now get ready for summer league…and for next fall…and…

The following is a letter from Rosemary Aiken, the Captain of the Ladies "D" team:-

Winning the Toronto and District "D" League finals at Mayfair Lakeshore was the icing on the cake after a very successful squash season.

I would like to thank the whole "D" Team who showed incredible enthusiasm and team spirit throughout the year, and also the army of supporters who on the night of the finals came to cheer us on. They included the whole of the Executive Committee, our Club Pro Scott Coleman, and representatives of the Town of Pickering. It was their vocal support, on and off the courts that encouraged us to triumph over the west division ladies.

Thanks again team for a fantastic season.

Junior Play

While the adult members of the club have been very busy and successful year the Juniors have also been busy with their own tournaments.

At the Ontario Softball Junior Squash Championship at Glenway Squash Club, the results were as follows: Scott Gormley and Jeff Evans competed in the Boys Under 19. Jeff Evans went to the finals and came in 6th. Chrissie Evans came in 5th beating Vanessa Steinwall who placed 6th in the Girls Under 19. Sameer Vadera placed 4th in the Boys Under 10. Dane Sharp placed 5th and Brian Ernst placed 6th in the Boys Under 12. Natash Vader and Aliea Karim also competed in the tournament in the Girls Under 14.

In the T&D Junior Squash Open Championship Sameer Vadera placed 5th in the Boys Under 10.

Congratulations to all of you for representing Pickering Squash Club so well throughout this last season. Keep up the good work and we will see you out beating all the adults soon.

- 30 -