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March 1999 Volume 13 Number 3

A Message from the President - Terry Bruce

Spring may be just around the corner but the Squash Season is still going strong for the next month!!

I find it hard to believe that the squash season is drawing to a close. This month is going to be the busiest of the season for the Squash Club.

On March 27th, the Durham Challenge saw Canada's top ranked squash player, Willie Hosey, taking on all the top players from Pickering. It was a great evening although the turnout was a little disappointing. Unfortunately it was a money looser so no proceeds will be available to go to our Doubles court Fund as originally planned.

On March 29th we held a Rules Clinic headed by our own Dave Howard. Where a few came out and had a very interesting clinic on the finer points of the game.

The Interclub Play came to a close with the Men's Finals on March 31st at Mayfair Lakeshore. The Ladies Finals were April 7th also at Mayfair Lakeshore. We were well represented at both. Our ladies "B" team were triumphant and came away with the trophy. Well done ladies.

House League semi-finals will be on March 28th and Finals on April 11th. Then get your racquets up for Club Championship ending with the quarter finals on Friday April 23rd and the Semi's and Finals on Saturday April 24th. As if that wasn't enough, the final fling, the Awards Banquet on the evening of April 24th.

As Yogi Berra would say "It ain't over till it's over". And we've got a lot of playin' to do before then. See you on the courts.

As always, I appreciate your comments so keep them coming.

Thank you.

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Report From Scott Coleman our Favourite Pro.

Canada Games Gold Medal for Chrissy Evans!!

Pickering Squash Club's own Chrissy Evans was chosen to represent the province at the Canada Winter Games held in February in Cornerbrook, New Foundland. The team was comprised of four female junior squash players and they competed as a team against the other provinces. The Ontario girls team were victorious bringing home a gold medal. The boys team lost in the finals to BC winning them a silver medal.

The team was chosen last November after numerous tryouts and an analysis of tournament results by team coach Jim Paton from the Granite Club in Toronto. At the Games, Chrissy played four round robin matches, winning them handily before meeting up with Saskatchewan in the semi-finals. Ontario beat them convincingly to advance them to the gold medal match with Alberta. Chrissy's match was the deciding one with tensions and nerves running high before she stepped on court. Ontario was winning 2-1 in matches but she had to win at least 2 games in her match to confirm at least a tie. Chrissy displayed her usual nerves of steel and played a composed and technically perfect match to bring the gold medal to Ontario.

Chrissy thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The Games took place over a two week period with the squash being played in the first week. The opening ceremonies were a highlight for Chrissy, getting to shake hands with Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Unfortunately she didn't get much of an opportunity to vent some of her brother Jeff's complaints with the Canadian Tax System but she did tell him that Jeff wasn't pleased paying all that tax.

Chrissy brought home her gold medal as well as a track suit and winter coat as memorabilia from the Games and met a lot of different people from across the country. While being housed in residence she was able to be contacted through the Canada Games Website so she and Jeff could keep in close contact throughout the week, sharing stories and talking strategy, as well as to read mail from her other supporters from the province.

Chrissy arrived back at Pearson to a throng of supporters there to cheer them on - first and foremost Jeff. This will certainly be an experience that Chrissy will remember for her lifetime, knowing that she helped put Ontario on the map for squash supremacy!!

In the Provincial Championships held at Ryerson,

Sameer Vadera placed 5th in Under 12 division (not bad for a nine year old.) His sister Natasha placed sixth in the Under 14 division (girls). Dane Sharp also competed and came in 7 th in the Under 16 (boys). Well done to our Juniors.

As well, for those interested in putting their child in my summer junior squash camp, the dates will be July 19 - 23 from 1 - 3 PM with an hour of swimming afterwards. The cost is $50 per child and all equipment is provided with the exception of swimwear and clean footwear.

Calendar of Events

Dates and functions tentative watch the board for postings and sign-ups.

Durham Challenge        27th Mar., 1999

Easter Break            4th April, 1999

House League
Semi Finals             11th April, 1999

Executive Meeting       12th April 1999 at 7:30PM

House League Finals     18th April, 1999

Club Championships     
Finals                   23rd and 24th April, 1999

End of Year Banquet and
Awards                24th April, 1999

We held "The Durham Challenge"
Saturday, March 27th, 1999, at 7:30 P.M.
Pickering Squash Club Presented

Willie Hosie


Pickering's Finest

10 Times National Irish Champion
Winner of Cambridge Doubles Championship
Ranked No. 1 in Canada
Pro at Mayfair Parkway since 1990
and a great guy
Returning from Ireland where he played
Jonathan Powers

Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament

In February, Pickering Squash Club hosted a very successful Annual Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament.  We had a record number of 140 entries, who proceeded to enjoy themselves the whole weekend. Our thanks to all the many people who gave up their time to help make this one of the best yet, putting Pickering on the map for hosting great tournaments. Thank you to all the Pickering Squash Club players who entered, helping to add to the numbers.  This shows that we have a club eager to participate in squash matches.  Tournament hosts are going to have to go some to beat this.  The results were as follows:-

Division Winner Finalist
Men's A:- Cory Melville - Oshawa Jeff Evans - Pickering
Men's A Cons:- Mark Somerville -Pickering Brad Hanebury - Ajax
Men's B:- Rich McCallum -Pickering  Jim Shoemaker - Pickering
Men's B Cons:- John Dolman -Pickering Glenn Mendies - Regency
Men's C:- Andrew Donaldson -Markham Thang Lee - Markham
Men's C Cons:- Harold Wontora - Pickering Winston Bell - Ottawa
Men's D:- John Whyte -Pickering Dom Salvagina - Pickering
Men's D Cons:- Dave Grimshaw - Pickering Jitu Somani - Pickering
Men's E:- Cory Britt - Pickering Michel Lantigne  Ajax
Men's E Cons:- John Uren - Pickering Scott Anderson - Pickering
Women's A:- Gail Pimm - Pickering Nicole Carroll - Pickering & MacMaster U.
Women's A Cons:- Danielle Raniere - Kitchener Vickie Gleeson - Ajax
Women's B:- Vanessa Steinwall - Pickering Kate Lambert - Pickering
Women's B Cons:- Alicia Turner - Meadowvale Ramola Vanderheyden - Ajax
Women's C:- Viru Parmar- Pickering Joan Hill - Pickering
Women's C Cons:- Ruth Dunslow - Pickering Natalie Carroll - Pickering
Women's D:- Heather Swartz - Pickering Fran Blackmore - Balmy Beach
Women's D Cons:- Chris Ryan - Ajax Doreen Hunt - Pickering
Women's E:- Sheree Nicholson -Pickering Julie Danabie -Pickering


Report from the Direct of Men's Play: - David Howard

From my point of view, the men have had a great year this year. Of 4 men's T&D teams, 3 made it to the semi-finals in the playoffs and 1 team made it to the finals. I'm hoping everybody will be able to get to the playoffs on March 31st to see our "C" team trounce the opposition.

It was encouraging to hear that word is around the city what an active club we have. Willie Hosie, after his exhibition on March 27, commented on the number of T&D teams and commended Scott for a job well done. I think Scott has added and is adding a lot to the club. Keep up the good work.

Preliminary rounds of the Club Championships will be going on over the next few weeks with the semis and finals taking place April 23,24. Try to get your games in early and avoid defaults.

See you on the courts.

Report from the Direct of Ladies Play: - Victoria Templer

This year has been a good year for the women club members. We had an excellent turn out for the flight tournament in the fall and the Christmas food drive was well received. During the winter season the women did very well in T & D. All of the levels made it to the quarter finals - well done. The A and B teams made it to the finals at Mayfair. What and exciting night that was. The B team won their division and the A team gave their opponents a run for their money. Great squash ladies. Congratulations to you all.

The end of the season Club Championships will be on April 23rd and 24th. We hope that you have had a good time, made new friends and that you will return next year.

Do not forget to sign up for the Summer T & D.

See you over the summer - if not on the court.

There is no place for


on the Squash Court

Recently an incident occurred at the Pickering Squash Club that greatly disturbed a lot of people. It happened during a house league match between a man and a woman. Upset by loosing the game, the man swung the glass door to the court open with such force that it shattered into thousands of pieces. Glass flew everywhere. The woman player feared for her safety as did players standing near the court in the hallway.

The club executive took action in this situation. A conduct match penalty against the man was awarded to the woman player and the offending player was barred from the club for the remainder of the season. In future, he will be required to show proof that he has brought his actions under control before he will be allowed to rejoin the club.

The phenomena of Rage has become a very potent and damaging part of our society. Taking offense and showing it verbally, physically and in the worst cases with the use of dangerous objects such as guns, knives and automobiles has become very prevalent in today's society. Now it is showing another incarnation in the form of Court Rage.

Andre Agassi was recently disqualified from a tournament for cursing at himself. He was astounded. He admitted that in past he had done much worse. Why was he thrown out this time? Well, you could consider it "Referee Rage".

Tennis' bad boy, John MacInroe is the first to admit that his actions when he was playing should have disqualified him many times. It was tolerated and in some cases, expected by the audience. Well, not any more.

Officials are sick and tired of taking the abuse of prema-donna players and they are not going to take it any more. The rules give the referee the power to act on such behaviour and finally they are starting to use it.

In squash competition the rules also cover this. Rule 17, Conduct on the Court, states:

If the Referee considers that the behaviour of a player on court could be intimidating or offensive to an opponent, official or spectator, or could in any way bring the game into disrepute, the player may be penalized.

This penalty can be a Conduct Warning, a Conduct Point, a Conduct Game or a Conduct Match. This isn't the only penalty that can be imposed either!

If the match is sanctioned by Squash Canada or Squash Ontario(T&D and the Lee Hanebury Memorial tournament both qualify), the individual's conduct can be reported to Squash Canada or Squash Ontario. The penalties can range from a warning to disqualification from participating in sanctioned events.

One of the disturbing comments that came out of our recent Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament, was "How badly behaved on court some of the junior players were." One junior player was seen cursing and throwing his racquet while his parent watched from above. The parent said nothing to his son. The referee did nothing. What did the player learn? He learned that it was acceptable to act that way. In fact he probably learned it from watching adult players, maybe even his father, curse and throw their racquets with no reprise.

It is time that action be taken. The rule is clear. It may be hard to do but it is time to put Rule 17 back into the game of squash. If you are refereeing a game and you feel that conduct on the court warrants a penalty then it is time to take a stand and enact Rule 17. The Squash Club Executive fully endorses the Rules of Squash and support their enforcement.

If you have any questions about the interpretation of this rule or any other rule, please feel free to talk to the club pro, Scott Coleman, or any member of the club executive. A number of members of our club are carded referees and fully qualified to help you with your questions.

Let's work together to make the game of squash enjoyable and safe for everyone.