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November 1998 Volume 13 Number 2

A Message from the President - Terry Bruce

Fall Flight Tournament was a Great Success!

Congratulations to all the winners in this years Fall Flight Tournament. It was a great exhibition of squash and a lot of fun for all of us who participated. You can see the results later in this Rally.

Many thanks go out to the organizers, Victoria Templer and Dave Howard.   You did a fantastic job.  Accompanying the Saturday festivities was the PUB, brought to us by the hard work of Ian Parsons with the help of Karen Comeau.  Thanks to all of you for your time and energy that made this weekend a success. 

It's getting close to that time of year again.  Our attention is turning to the Holiday season and quite often family or company parties.  The squash season takes a lower key at this time of year.  House league continues until 13th Dec., and then takes a break until 10th January.  Interclub play comes to a close on 18th Dec., until the second week in January.  The next Club event will be the NERF BALL CLASSIC in January.  Watch the boards and be sure not to miss it.  It's the most popular event of the year with many members.

We have a lot of great events lined up for the new year.  Following the NERF BALL we will be having the Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament on the weekend of the 19th of February.
We are planning for another DURHAM CHALLENGE in March. 

Looks like we are going to have a great New Year.

In case I don't get a chance to see you in person, please have a HAPPY and SAFE holiday season. 

See you on the courts.


Calendar of Events
Dates and functions tentative watch the board for postings and sign-ups.

Executive Meeting  14th Dec. 1998 at 7:30PM
Executive Meeting 11th Jan. 1999 at 7:30PM
House League Finals 17th Jan. 1999 at 1:00PM
Nerf Ball Tournament   23rd Jan., 1999
Executive Meeting 8th Feb. 1999 at 7:30PM
Lee Hanebury  Memorial Tournament   19th to 21st Feb., 1999
Executive Meeting 8th Mar. 1999 at 7:30PM
Durham Challenge *27th Mar., 1999
Easter Break   4th April, 1999
House League Semi Finals 11th April, 1999
Executive Meeting 12th April 1999 at 7:30PM
House League Finals 18th April, 1999
Club Championships Finals 23rd and 24th April, 1999
End of Year Banquet


Fall Flight Tournament Results November 1998

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Jeff Evans Richard McCallum Default Default


Norm Shaw Scott Gormley Steve McFarlane Brian Dunslow
MEN's C:


Harold Wonterra Dave Howard Shawn Gordon Default


Graeme Leney Terry Bruce Brendan Brown Keith Novak


Shuaib Shariff Andrew Casey    


Terry Walford Chrissie Evans Cindy Alexiou Vanessa Steinwall


Ruth Dunslow Joan Hill Heather Swartz Victoria Templer


Sylvia Cowley Melanie Jean Nimat Vadera K-C Chamberlain
WOMEN'S D:   Julie Danabie Joanne Woods Diane Pye Default


Squash Pro's Message - Scott Coleman

As the holiday season approaches, I have a few reminders for the members of the squash club. The challenge ladder is up and running as of November 1st, but the participation level thus far has been minimal. This format of ladder play functions optimally when people play their required three matches per month. Just think, what better way to meet new potential squash partners, and improve your position in the club's ranking system? It only involves a couple of phone calls. If everybody could please do their part and play the required matches, you'll soon learn how the ladder can be a useful means to improving your squash. As well, the ladder is still used for tournament seeding, and if you're not playing your matches, then chances are you'll be seeded near the bottom of your level. (Is this negative re-enforcement or what?)

Next, the second season of Mixed Houseleague begins around the end of January. A sign up sheet will be placed on the bulletin board during December and you must sign up if you intend on playing in the winter session of the Houseleague. Please sign up for a specific position, taking into account how well you did this past session. For example, if you play position 5 and won nine of nine matches, you should move to position 4. If you lost eight or nine matches you should move down to position 6. If you had competitive matches you should stay at your level. Not everyone can move up a position because they want tougher matches!

The Lee Hanebury Tournament is coming up soon so hopefully everybody is preparing to peak for that weekend. We would like to see as much club participation as possible. As this tournament is a fund raiser for junior squash, we try to keep our costs to a minimum, so I am looking for someone to donate a small amount of time and effort to canvas the members for donated prizes for the tournament. Last year we had some wonderful prizes donated to the tournament from various employers of our members, and it would be nice to have the same support this year. If anyone would be interested in this volunteer position, could you contact me this month so that in the new year work can be done to collect the prizes. Thanks.

Lastly, I hope all of you have a safe holiday season and that you don't forsake your practice time on the courts too much. It has been a great season for our T&D teams so let's keep up with the inspired play that has been seen so far.

Don't forget, most Christmas dinners come with a side of squash! See ya!