Volume 13 No 1

September 1998

In this Issue:
Message from the President
List of Executive Positions
Sign-Up Evening
Club Executive Commits to Court Expansion
Dates to Remember
Notes from the Director of Ladies Play
Notes from the Club Pro
Membership Application for 1998-1999

Message from the President

How many of you have kept up with your squash over the summer. From the availability of the courts over the last few months, I would say that most of us took advantage of the great weather and stayed outside. Well, now is the time to come on back indoors and hit the courts for the a new Squash Season.

During the summer, there was still some play going on. Both the women and men had T& D teams in the summer leagues and Scott had his "court rats" running through their paces during the day. Oh yes, I must not forget to mention, the Executive of the Squash Club continued to meet throughout the summer to plan for the upcoming season.

And what plans we have made. It all kicks off with our annual Sign-Up Night and AGM to be held on September 22nd. Now this is not going to be a "let's get in, get our name on the list and get out" event. This year there will be games, prizes and challenges going on as well. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, you can try Nerf Ball Squash. Or win a prize by breaking a balloon with a squash ball. Try winning a prize by challenging an exec member to a game (I'm always an easy mark). And of course you can sign up for the House league and various tournaments that will be held through the year.

An important part of the night will be the AGM. This is where you get to have a say in how your club is run. We need some new blood on the executive this year so please consider running for a position and vote for your choices as well. We'll try to keep the AGM to as short as possible.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of our current membership at the Sign-up night and I look forward to seeing you all on the courts this fall. Talk to your friends and make sure they are planning to come as well.

We have the most active and fastest growing Squash club in the Toronto Area and probably in all of Ontario. It got to be that way because we have the greatest members who are active and care about their club. Let's work together to make 1998-1999 the greatest year yet.

Terry Bruce

President 1997-1998

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Executive Positions

Vice President
Ladies' Director of Play
Men's Directory of Play
Public Relations Director
Social Director
Junior Director
Director at Large
Junior Liaison
Club Professional
Town Represetative

The duties of each of these positions are outlined in the Constitution of the Pickering Squash Club. Copies of the Constitution are available from a member of the Executive or from the Club Pro - Scott Coleman.

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Sign Up Evening

September 22nd 1998

7:30 PM

Games and Prizes

Pop the balloon - In the bucket


Beat the old guys - Beat the Exec - King of the Court

Nerf Ball

Refreshment Juice Bar

Annual General Meeting

Membership Registration 1998

Sign-up for Fall House League

and Winter House League

Sign up for Challenge Ladder

Membership fee for 1998 will be $25 for adult Rec. Centre Members, free for Youth Rec. Centre Members.

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Club Executive Committee Commits to supporting

Court expansion including a Doubles court

During the 1996-1997 season a proposal was brought forth to the Executive of your club regarding the support of proposed expansion of courts including a possible Doubles court.

Doubles squash is becoming a very popular sport at other clubs throughout the Toronto area. It is an attractive alternative to regular singles play because of the social aspects. It is quite often played by mixed couples Some of our members have participated in doubles tournaments even though we lack the facility at our own club.

In their meeting on August 10th 1998, the Pickering Squash Club executive ratified the proposal and committed to raising money toward a Court expansion fund. Part of the 1998-1999 registration fee will go toward this fund as will some profits from other club functions such as the Durham Challenge.

For further information please see a member of the executive.

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Dates to Remember

* Some dates are still tentative *

Executive Meeting September 14th 7:30 P.M.
Sign-up Evening Fun / AGM September 22nd 7:00 P.M.
T&D Leagues Start Week September 28th - Oct 2nd
Thanksgiving October 12th
Executive Meeting October 13th 7:30 P.M.
Fall House League Starts October 18th
Pub Night * October 24th
Executive Meeting November 9th 7:30 P.M.
Fall Flight Tournament * November 27th - 28th
Executive Meeting December 14th 7:30 P.M.
Executive Meeting January 11th 7:30 P.M.
Nerf Ball Tournament * January 23rd
Executive Meeting February 8th 7:30 P.M.
Lee Hanebury Tournament February 19th to 21st
Executive Meeting March 8th 7:30 P.M.
Durham Challenge * March 27th
Easter April 4th
House League semi-finals April 11th
Executive Meeting April 12th 7:30 P.M.
House League finals April 18th
Club Championships Finals April 23rd and 24th
End of Year Banquet April 24th evening


That is the URL of our web site on the World Wide Web. "What's a URL and what's a web site?" you ask. Well the URL is an address by which you can locate information about your club on the "Information Highway" or "THE INTERNET".

Our pages are still in the experimental stage and will be until we know better if people are actually accessing the information. Currently the pages reside under a private Web Page. If we find that there is enough interest, the executive may decide to move it to it's own address.

If you are interested in receiving information over the internet, either by accessing the home page or via E-Mail, be sure to include your E-Mail address on the application form. Or you can drop me a line at tbruce@idirect.com. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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News from the Director of Ladies Play -

Karen Comeau

Summer T&D Finals

Another fun and competitive evening was had by all at the Ladies Summer T&D Finals held at Pine

Valley on Wednesday August 12th, 1998. Pickering Ladies C/D and E teams both made the finals as well as Chrissie Evans and Joni Gillingham, who played in the open A/B division. Squash play was followed by a dinner and awards banquet where the NEW ladies T&D Logo was unveiled - watch for it next season. Congratulations to the following teams:

Ladies "E" 2nd Place finish

Sylvia Cowley

Nimat Vadera

Sheree Nicholson

Suzanne Adams

Julie Danabie (sub)

Ladies "C/D" 3rd Place Finish

Joan Hill

Heather Swartz

Karen Comeau

Victoria Templer

Dee Steinwall (Sub)

Doreen Hunt (Sub)

Round Robin/Fun Night

What a turn out for a summer event on August 25th, 1998 - 19 ladies from levels A to E came out to play each other in a fun Round Robin format. Court play was followed by one of Papp's famous feasts. Thanks to all of the participants and to Doreen Hunt for her hard work in organizing the evening-it was a huge success!

Fall/Winter T&D

Sign-up sheets have been posted, please sign up ASAP if you are interested in playing as the league required the team registrations to be in by the middle of September. Challenge sheets will be posted on Monday, September 21st and season play commences the week after Thanksgiving. Team round robins have been pre booked from 6:40 - 8:00 p.m. on the following nights:

Ladies "D" Thursday, Sept. 24th

Ladies "E" Friday, Sept. 25th

Ladies "A" Tuesday, Sept. 29th

Ladies "B" Wednesday, Sept. 30th

Ladies "C" Thursday, Oct. 1st

Please remember that round robin nights are an opportunity for teams to get out, have some fun and practice with each other before the season officially begins, but games played do not qualify for position challenges. If you have any questions on how team positions are determined, please refer to The Pickering Squash Club's Inter-Club Play Guidelines.

Get ready for a GREAT season and let's see if we can top last year's performance where ALL of our ladies teams made the playoffs.


…to make a monthly Event Calendar to post on the squash bulletin board for all to view. All info such as T&D matches, meetings, pub nights etc., will be supplied for you and you can use your own creativity, computer skills etc., to finish the project.

If you are interested please leave a message at the Rec Centre 839-1711 .

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Greeting Squashers!
Scott Coleman - Club Pro

I sincerely hope that the thought of another grueling squash season isn't going to keep you keeners off the courts for too much longer. Not that I've been burning up the courts, but the month of August has been slowly seeing the courts in use with the regular smiling faces that I'm used to seeing. For the T&D players, the leagues start up after Thanksgiving and the Saturday clinics will commence sometime around then as well. This season is going to see some more excellent squash at this club, and hopefully all of the team positions will be decided by hard fought contests. For those interested in House-League and the Ladder, they will be commencing in October as well.

So, dust off those racquets, or do me a favour and deplete my lovely large stock by getting a great deal on a new racquet, and we will see you in September.

Love, Scott.

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