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August 1999

Volume 13 Number 4

A Message from the President
President 1997-1999 Terry Bruce

Look at those tans! You didn’t get that by being in the squash courts all summer. And wasn’t it a great summer, weather-wise. As usual, the only people that were seen around the courts during summer were the few of us who are addicted to the game. That includes our T&D Summer league men and women. Of course Scott’s court-rats had their summer camp as well. I must admit, I wasn’t seen to often at the courts either. Well, it’s time to get back at it. We need to get in shape and we need to start hitting the ball. House league will be starting in just a few weeks.

As many of our members are now on the web, I am trying to organize an easier URL for our web site. There is a redirection site that allows you to put a new URL to your web. I am trying to set it up as:-

<http://welcome.to/pickeringsquash >

I have left the old one, as it still works:


Your faithful executive continued to meet during the summer. Our members deserve the best and that only comes with good planning. We hope you enjoy what we have planned for you this season. And what plans we have made. It all kicks off with our annual Sign-Up Night and AG M to be held on September 21st. Now this is not going to be a "let's get in, get our name on the list and get out" event. Like last year, this year there will be games, prizes and challenges going on as well. For those of you

who haven't had the pleasure, you can try Nerf Ball Squash. Or win a prize by breaking a balloon with a squash ball. And of course you can sign up for the House league and various tournaments that will be held through the year.

An important part of the night will be the A. G. M. This is where you get to have a say in how your club is run. We need some new blood on the executive this year so please consider running for a position and vote for your choices as well. We'll try to keep the AGM to as short as possible.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of our current membership at the Sign-up night. If you know someone who may be interested in joining the club, please bring them along to the sign-up. Spread the word. Talk to your friends and make sure they are planning to come as well. I look forward to seeing you all on the courts this fall.

We have the most active and fastest growing Squash club in the Toronto Area and probably in all of Ontario. It got to be that way because we have the greatest members who are active and care about their club. Let's work together to make 1999-2000 the greatest year yet.


Director of Ladies Play

Victoria Templer

The year began with sign-up in the fall for T & D and Mixed House League. The club was able to sponsor five levels of play for the T & D League, Ladies A, B, C, D and E. All of the teams made it through to the semi-finals of the winter league and our Ladies B team was victorious winning the finals at the Mayfair Lakeshore Club. Congratulations to all of the women who participated on all of the teams.

In November the Fall Flight tournament was held. Not as many women signed up as expected but those who did played hard and well. The result were as follows:-

  Winner Finalist
Ladies "A" Terry Walford Chrissie Evans
Consolation Cindy Alexiou Vanessa Steinwall
Ladies "B" Ruth Dunslow Joan Hill
Consolation Heather Swartz Victoria Templer
Ladies "C" Sylvia Cowley Melanie Jean
Consolation Nimat Vadera K.C. Chamberlain
Ladies "D" Julie Danabie Joanne Woods
Consolation Diane Pye  

The Club Championship was held in April, culminating with a banquet on the day of the finals. The results were as follows:-

  Winner Finalist
Ladies "A" Terry Walford Yvonne Whyte
Ladies "B" Cindy Alexiou Viru Parmar
Ladies "C" Kate Lambert Karen Comeau
Ladies "D" Debbie Sharp Sylvia Cowley
Consolation Melanie Jean Dee Steinwall

This coming season we are hoping that the response will be as favourable as it has been in the past.

Thank you all for a great year.



Dates to note for the 1999 - 2000 Season

These dates are tentative so watch the boards at the club for any changes and sign-up sheets.

Rally Published Aug. 30th
Executive Meeting Sept. 13th, 7:30PM
Sign-up/Fun Night AGM Sept. 21st at 7:00PM
Thanksgiving Oct. 11th
Executive Meeting Oct. 12th at 7:30PM
Ladies T&D starts Oct. 12th – 15th
Fall House League starts Oct. 17th
Pub Night Oct. 23rd
Executive Meeting Nov. 8th at 7:30PM
Fall Flight Tournament Nov. 26th – 27th
Executive Meeting Dec. 13th at 7:30PM
Executive Meeting Jan. 10th, at 7:30PM
Nerf Ball Tournament Jan. 22nd
Executive Meeting Feb. 14th at 7:30PM
Lee Hanebury Memorial Tournament Feb. 18th – 20th
Executive Meeting Mar. 13th at 7:30PM
Durham Challenge Thursday Mar. 23rd.
House League semi-finals April 9th
Executive Meeting April 10th at 7:30PM
House League finals April 16th
Easter April 23rd
Club Championships April 28th – 29th
End of Year Banquet and Awards April 29th after finals



Assistant Social Director

Ian Parsons

Squash Social Lights

You can’t have too much fun on a squash court. So why not join the half of our club that come out once a month to have a good time at the squash fun nights and tournaments.

Our 1999 – 2000 season is about to take off. Sign ups will be in September with our kick off and election of directors. So lets get started right then. I challenge everyone to come out for a round robin to try and beat the current Executive members. I’ll provide the (non-alcoholic) "Slammers" to keep you fortified through out the night. Bring your calendars so you can mark down all the fun nights you can join in.

October is Calcutta month. This is your chance to buy a team of Squash amateurs all trying to win cash and prizes. Become the financier for a team and reap the benefits of a winning team. You can have fun playing, have a few pops, and have the opportunity of making some extra cash to make the night better than a 6-49 win. Food, laughter, squash and fun. Can you find that on Hockey Night in Canada?

November is your chance to run roughshod over all the players in your division. The Fall Classic culminates in a Pub night where the best of the best square off and play the best squash of their lives. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a disappointing final game. Two opponents equally matched vying for bragging rights for the next 6 months. This is squash at its finest and you can watch, nibble on some pizza or chicken and have a beer while the squashers drool on court. This is better than the Qatar Open. Come out and see for yourself.

December – Christmas. Need I say more? Presents for the executive can be left at the front desk. (Only Kidding!!!!)

January – If the world doesn’t come to an end due to the Millennium Bug then get ready for the most awesome game ever invented by the Whytes of Pickering. 4 people, one court and an orange Nerf Ball. You don’t need skill, or speed. Just a guy named "Yours". This will be the fourth year for the Nerf Ball Tournament. There are many teams out there that have three years of experience and can put more English on the ball than James Bond. If you can make it through this night and not have fun, you weren’t there.

February – Lee Hanebury Classic. An open tournament for those young legs. These three days of squash, food and A535 is a great indicator of how good our squash is. Come see kids kick all your favourite’s butts just by sheer stamina. Come see the old guys use shots that defy gravity. And if for no other reason, come over to see how the game of squash gets played at the highest levels. Come out and get involved.

March – Durham Challenge. Canada can claim to have the best squash player in the world. Too bad that he doesn’t get that recognition here. But we have the next best thing. Come out and see how the game of squash gets played by people that make their living by playing squash. Professional squash is a whole different game and if you watch the people that attend this function you can see them mentally changing their shots and hitting that dead nick winner time after time. As always food and drink are available.

April – The end of the season. The Club Championships. You worked all year to be able to beat that one other person. Come out and get it on record. Just to do your personal best will carry you over to the next September. The final banquet is a good relaxing way to end the season and to lie about all the people you beat this past season.



Our Trusty Pro

Scott Coleman

As the summer draws to an end, hopefully the idea of picking up your squash racquet once again will enter your mind. Personally, my squash racquets haven’t seen too much action this summer (that’s not saying I haven’t had any action this summer), but that’s okay because the new line of graphite – titanium racquets are in stock (plug, plug) and I have been taking a bit of time trying them out.

As well, as kind as the summer has been to me, it has not been as kind to my gargantuan belly (well, maybe not gargantuan), so I have worked out for the past week so that I can get myself into excellent fighting condition in my brand new shoes (shameless plug number two), if only I could see down to my shoes. Keep in mind, this isn’t to say that married life can make you fat, it has just made me fat. Considering that most of our membership is married and look fit and attractive at the same time. I am open to any advice on the matter.

For those of you who have been representing our teams in the summer league, "way to hustle!!!". Extra special thanks to the captains of these teams who do the often thankless job of making sure a team is fielded every week. Somehow being team captain is not quite as prestigious a position as it really sounds, yet the trusted and faithful ones take it upon themselves season after season.

Finally, let’s once again look forward to another successful and fun winter of squash. Besides the great workout that a squash game cane provide, also remember the equally enjoyable aspect of hooking up with a friend or team and having a few laughs out there on the court, and later in the pub upstairs (oh yeah we don’t have one).

Take care and we will see you in September after my last canoe trip of the season.

See ya.




Thursday March 23rd, 2000

Your executive has been listening to you!! We are busy at work planning the 3rd Annual Durham Challenge. This year we are giving you lots of notice and we will hold the event on a Thursday evening instead of a ‘busy week-end night’. Those who have attended this event over the past, will we are sure, provide a glowing testimonial on what a great night of squash was demonstrated to all. We are trying to confirm this years participants, but you can count on two top players - this year one will be female.

Stay tuned for more information.



Editor’s Note:

Doreen Hunt

As you know we have heard a lot of talk regarding the Pickering Recreation Complex building a doubles squash court. The Pickering Squash Club has been putting funds aside for this and has had positive feed back from the Town. There has been no date set for the start of a project this size, but we should be encouraged that there is an interest from the Town.

The Executive has also heard that there is interest in Pickering Squash Club hosting either a Provincial or Canadian Junior Championship. Parents of strong junior squash players are willing to be active in getting this going. As a club we should be encouraging and helping in this aspect. These juniors are the future of our club.




Sign-up/Fun Night AGM

Sept. 21st at 7:00PM

Don’t forget about the Pickering Squash Club’s Annual general Meeting.

This is one of the times you can come out and have fun, plus choose and support your new executive. Also if you have any suggestions as to changes you would like to see in the Pickering Squash Club, this is a great time to voice them. We as a club are always looking for new and informative suggestions.

See you all there.